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Bellitas lofa. What a website that erupts the volcano in me. People with absolutely no dignity and pride in their creation.
I believe creation/creativity comes from the heart, you simply stole it and even have the cheek to use those pictures taken by my very own hands and claim it yours. Its a pity i did not capture a screen shot of you using my pictures before you heed my advice and deleted them along with my post comments but deep down you know very well where "your" ideas came from.If you are reading this, this is what i have for you CREATIVITY COMES FROM THE HEART.Some may think why the fuss over this, if you have ever put your heart into creating something, you'll feel me. Spending hours thinking, walking around fabric places, starring at fabrics, cutting, measuring,sitting in front of the sewing machine sacrificing many weekends,waking up early to use the sunlight in order to capture pretty/natural pictures and squeezing out brain juice for the best picture layouts. All happy that its done only to realise someone else skipped that entire process but just took that idea of yours and processed it. I pray that conscience haunts you.

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