john frieda

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A month ago, I was introduced to John Frieda's products and got to work with the John Frieda Team to produce this video. It was a really wonderful experience for me. I've never been on a set like this! Never worked with a director, camera men and all those crazy studio lights!

It took us 10 hours to call it a day, tiring but a new experience for me!


Sunday, July 19, 2015


Physical Eternity is unattainable at the moment but I always have faith in the medical and science world. I believe with technology physical eternity will one day be attainable. The word Eternity and immortality has always been circulating in my head especially when it comes to art. 

My art works often revolve around these issues. Well~ today's entry is not about science but a form of art.
The art of preserving. 
I use to dislike flowers when I was much younger. I didn't understand why. When I grew up, I realise it's not the flowers I dislike,  it is the dying and whithering that I dislike. A flower alone can mean so much, but an undying one is magical, mysterious even poisonous.
Eternity is a necklace with a strong message to your loved ones. 
Handcrafted by the creators of JXKL, encapsulating frozen flower in a bullet, Eternity represents a everlasting love that will never wither.
Frozen flowers are real flowers that underwent the latest frosting technology to retain its natural and exquisite form. This technique is similar to Cryonics, a scientific method that is use to preserve the human body at the state when a person passed. 
Pardon me for all the scientific term and talks about eternity. I am genuinely interested in these topics and have read a lot while I was writing my thesis back in school. I was really fascinated by how JXKL manage to preserve these flowers so beautifully. They are simply gorgeous, even if I don't wear them, I might just just put them up as part of my room decor.
There are more variety of colour selections at their site. Click on the links below to get to their beautiful encapsulated flowers. If you are purchasing a necklace, remember to key in code, "VALERIE" to get a 10% off the bill.
valid till 31st july 2015.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Top by Fashmob
Bottom by Fashmob

This has got to be my favourite get up while in Sydney shooting for Fashmob! 
Mandrin collared shirt with a perfectly tailored skorts. I love the skorts so much!
It is available in three colours, black, white and blue. 

A piece of good news before I run~ FASHMOB is having a sale this sunday at their website,
sign up for their mailer to get first hand news of their sale items and new launches!

soak up the sun

Monday, July 13, 2015

Having been to and fro Australia twice in two months and living in an average of 5-15 degrees celsius, I'm starting to miss the tropical weather badly!

Good news is, I'll be heading to Bali real soon in just a couple of weeks! Simply can't wait to shed those heavy coats, get into my bikini and jump into those salty waters! Not forgetting the awesome bike rides with dear nico!

Limited Advertorial Slots are now open! Drop me a mail for bookings or enquires!
Recommendations for lodging, food and fun is needed too! ^^

selling my hunter

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


So.. Some of you might have seen me in my Hunter Boots on Instagram and now you wonder why I claim that I'm selling my  BRAND NEW boots. Fact is, it is indeed new and it is not the one I wore. 

The story goes, I was excited for my trip to Sydney and I thought to myself, finally I have a reason to buy the boots that I've always wanted but have no excuse to. I am someone who shops online a lot and I would always prefer to get the products straight from the original seller/store than getting it from anywhere else. I decided to get my boots online from HUNTER's website and later saw a pair of sandals that I just could not, not buy! I referred to the size charts and measured my feet size over and over again to make sure I didn't get the sizing wrong. I'm a size 36 and it is a size 3 on their site. 

I happily ordered and waited eagerly for them to arrive. It was a quick 3 days! When the parcel arrived, I had to pay 20 bucks handling fee for each item and on top of that a 7% gst. 
Well, I'm not familiar with these fees but it was definitely my first time having to pay handling fee and gst for a parcel.

I was bursting with excitement and quickly tried them on, honestly I was very happy with the quality of the products, it was worth every penny. However, my boots were a little tight and it kind of squashed my toes together. It was bearable but I thought that perhaps a size bigger would be more comfortable.

Moving on to my sandals, the moment I put my feet in, my heart sank! My toes were jutting out. I tried to convince myself for the next three days. Standing in front of the mirror and trying to walk in my room hoping that somehow the sandals might grow magically.
Well after a week, I could't deceive myself anymore. There was no way the sandals would fit and the boots will not become bigger.

I mailed HUNTER's customer service to enquire for an exchange and they said an exchange is possible as long as I get the items back to them in 28 days. But I have to absorb the shipping fee and pay another 20 bucks of handling fee and 7% gst, when they mail me back with the right sizes.
I don't have much choice, I brought the items to the POST office and guess what?!?! The total shipping fee is almost $200!!! I was completely lost! If I add another 30 bucks I could have bought another pair.

After contemplating I decided that it is really not worth it to pay so much for an exchange.

Nico suggested that I order the right sizes all over again and sell the ones that I have.
I did so and now I have 2 pairs of boots and sandals lying in my room~

Oh wait! I re-ordered the sandals and boots in size 4 and who would have guessed, the boots is too big! God damn it! 
Sandals fit perfectly though! I decided to stick to size 3 of my boots. -_-

Yup so that is why I am putting up these babies for sale right now. And they are in 100% pristine condition, only worn for perhaps 5 minutes in my room.
HUNTER Slim Cut Boots
size 4
(advise for those with feet size between 36-37 or 37)


$ 219. 536

here (view product from HUNTER site)
DSCF4083 copyDSCF4097dDSCF4100gu
size 3
(advise for those with feet size 35)
(if you are a size 36, don't bother, really!)


$96. 5858

here (view product from HUNTER site)
DSCF4092 copy
I sincerely seek the understanding of whoever that is interested in purchasing that I am selling them at original price, absolutely non negotiable. The $20 handling fee and 7% gst will be absorbed by me and will not be included as part of the price.

-No reservations allowed. 
-50% down payment will be required before I hand the item(s) over.

-As the price of these products are not cheap to begin with, I do not wish for it to be lost in a mail. Thus, only strictly by meet ups, no mailing. 

-The outstanding amount has to be paid in full cash upon meet up.

-Item(s) check have to be done at the point of meeting and no refunds or exchange will be entertained thereafter.

Interested buyers can drop me a mail at