Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Hello world! I’m not sure if any of you experience serious post holiday syndrome, especially trips to Resort areas that is often filled with daily massage. Well~ I do! Every single time I come back from a holiday, I cannot help but search for spas and massage to indulge. The thing about spa/massage in Singapore is that the price can be quite steep thus only the occasional indulgence is acceptable, in a sense that you do not feel guilty for pampering yourself. I’ve been invited to recently for their Valentines Day couple package and without hesitation Nico and I decided to try out their services. I myself was craving for a massage so badly!


I’ve heard about but have always thought that it was nothing different from other spas. I was wrong to a certain extend when I found out that operates 24hrs, provides free flow food/drinks, entertainment corners, hot pools and steam baths! And you can enjoy all these with a single entrance that allows you to stay in the spa for 24hrs! SAY WHAT??? TWENTY FOUR HOURS!!! YEAH~
 In my opinion, it’s a pretty good snatch for the price they offer.


We started our session with a really light lunch. Though I’ve heard that it is not advisable to eat before massaging but our tummies are rumbling so we decided to just eat!


And later proceed with a 90 minutes massage and another 30 minutes soaking up in the private Jacuzzi that is in the room (not included in package, top up $40 to enjoy). We’ve got a room for couple with beds side by side. I really wanted to snap some pictures while the masseurs massage but I was really enjoying it and procrastinated to interrupt the massage and the next thing I realize, we have already approached the end of the session.


I would not say all, but most of my massage experiences in Singapore, were just mediocre. Basic expectations like exerting comfortable pressure was not met. Sometimes my boyfriend describes it as, “spreading butter on bread”. We are the bread of course. :/ However at, I must say we are both really satisfied with the massage. My boyfriend expects pretty much when it comes to this and before I could comment about the experience, he told me that, “this is really pretty good!” So it is definitely a thumbs up for massage!


After soaking up in the Jacuzzi, we explored their resting lounge. With big comfy chairs, music and movies for entertainment. I took a nap while Nico watched a movie.


As mentioned, there are hot pools and steam bath rooms that one could indulge, in the spent of 24hrs upon admission. There are, however no couple rooms for these services. The male and female rooms are separated.


We both parted to the respective rooms for about an hour. I manage to get some quiet time alone and give my skin some steam treats rejuvenation. I feel that the pace that we are living here in Sunny O Island is pretty fast and texting, it can be stressful as well. To have times like these, just relaxing and not think about anything would be really nice~


I’ve never been able to stay in a steam room for more than 5 minutes; it gets a little hard to breathe after a while so I usually alternate 3 minutes in and 1 minute out. Despite having to be in and out of the room which some might find it troublesome but my skin sure does feel great and it is definitely worth the slight trouble.


I took a quick shower afterwards and headed to the restaurant for the second time to fill the tummy!


Their Menu offers a decent amount of variety and they also switch up from time to time so as to offer more. We were given a private room to dine in, room could hold up to 6-8 pax, which could be a good choice if you have a bunch of friends together. Room comes with additional cost.


Crispy Seafood Noodles


Bak Kut Teh
This is their recommended and my favourite of all! I love that the herbal base and it taste really delicious for a restaurant that does not cater Bak Kut Teh as their sole dish.


Lamp Chop
This too is delicious! I’m not sure if I’m too hungry but it really does fit my taste buds. Meat is just right not too hard. I almost forgot that I’m in a Spa, felt like I’m here to talk about food. But seriously, food here is pretty satisfying and being able to enjoy 24 hrs would also mean, you do not have to worry about spending extra on food and you could eat as much as you want (free flow)! :D


Nico and I spent about a total of 6 hours in the Spa with great massage, food and entertainment. We could have stayed longer but we’ve got a movie to catch. Anyways, for the package and price that offers, I feel it is really value for money! The same amount paid at most Spas I’ve been to, would only entitle a maximum of 3hrs (massage+steam bath).  I have not been to one that provides food and opens 24hrs. this is the first. At any point of time if you feel you need a relaxing treat, even at 2am in the morning, now you know there is a decent Spa to go to. To make a booking (strongly advise), drop them a call at 6280 8988. Do check out their facebook, instagram and website on the links below for exclusive promotions and giveaways!

**In the month of february, couples will receive a Matis, Paris product (worth up to $58), essential oil burner (worth $38), and an hour of VIP room usage (worth $30) when you book a Valentines Day Couple Treat. Appointment required. All whilst stock last and subjected to availability. Valid from 1st February to 17th February 2015.

102 Guillemard Road
#02-02 Singapore 399719
Contact: (65) 6280 8988

Thank you for pampering Nico and I with such great experiences and an early Valentines Day treat! J

no shores

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

For being on Shore means abiding rules, stable yet constrained. Deciding not to be on any shores could result in being engulfed by waves. The decision to stay at sea, is so that one do not have a choice to be complacent and forward is the only mode of survival.

wabi sabi may be

Sunday, January 18, 2015

DSCF6639Wabi-sabi represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete".
To achieve perfection has always been ideal but to see imperfection as perfection is another level.
Its a struggle to be a perfectionist and yet believe in Wabi Sabi, contradiction.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello all! First blog advertorial of the year is here! I'm glad to announce that it is none other than FASHMOB! If you track back to 2014, I've collaborated several times with them and I'm always looking forward to receiving their pretty apparels.  ^^
I'm gonna kick start with my favourite in this post!
1. Runway knit in cream
comes in a total of four colours
I really want them all!
2. Sorority top

3. Fly High Top
Loose fit with an interesting cut
This is simply one of the basics you have to have in your wardrobe

I am still experiencing some post vacation syndrome, especially not being able to be close to the beach and of course the daily massage in Phuket. A good whole 2 weeks of that is apparently not enough for me, perhaps a month for the next vacay~ I couldn't thank FASHMOB enough for always supplying me their apparels on my vacations.

< 3

home ground

Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy 2015 to all~ Just came back from a whole two weeks of sea sun and sand. As much as I do not want to be back and would not have been, if there isn't a shoot that was prescheduled today. Nico and I were on the verge of ditching the return flight and was never so ready to do so. Well but here I am back in home ground, back to work. Let's roll~~~