Monday, May 18, 2015

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It's been hectic since the beginning of the year, there was no breaks in between. There won't be any coming up either. But I'm really glad that my plans are slowly coming together and my goals are closer to me. An exciting project coming up for  DANG in exactly a week! I really can't believe it's happening, too good to be true! Pardon my absence over here but I'll brb! 

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Monday, May 4, 2015

The vintage girls from Natuskashe! It is really rare these days for any online stores to stick to a specific style that is so niche. Knowing that this might not be a big hit to the majority audiences, Natsukashe puts faith into what they really love instead of steering to the norm, really admirable to me. 

I remember clearly the day I met the team for this shoot, the lady boss was dressed in monochrome, very classy vintage style that look was so awesome on her! I am not one who fancy vintage but she wore it with such class and style, I began to have a different view towards vintage. These are a few looks Natsukashe dolled me in and not forgetting that classy hair bun they got the MUA to do it for me, I love it! 

It was such a great shoot with the team along with the beautiful Eunice Anabel. I really look up to people who has a mind of their own, this store is definitely one.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

HOLA! I'm beyond thrilled to announce the exclusive collaboration with Daryl Aiden Yow! If you do not know him, he's the one behind all those great shots of shop @everydaypeople. 

We are unison in terms of visual perspectives and it was a straight YES when we talked about collaborating. From now on, he will be documenting my travels and advertorials. We are working on something new and exploring the boundaries of art, fashion and photography. 

D and I have came out with the name D A N G by combining some of our initials (daryl + wang) as we felt that we want to work as a collaborative and not separate individuals. We are so ready for the crazy ideas we have in our heads for the longest time! CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT!

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Friday, April 24, 2015

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Sometimes in life, we make the wrong judgements. Trust the wrong person. People often take kindness as weakness. Sincerity as foolishness. Such is life.



Sunday, April 19, 2015

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Sunday snuggles~ This cardi saved my life on the last day of my trip in HK, it was warm for the first 3 days but temperature took a dip on the fourth day. I'm not one who could take the cold, 25 degrees to me is already considered cold, I cannot even take a bus or taxi without my cardigan, let alone 19 degrees with wind. This set of visuals showed exactly how I was feeling that day, I just want to snuggle in bed and not head out. Well~ I left the best for the last, this is my favourite set of visuals for my one week daily feature with TTR. I'm sorry but I really have no idea when will this item be launched, the only way to keep track is to be in loop with The Tinsel Rack's online platforms. ;)