Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our hair plays a very important role in affecting our confidence, which is also why people dread “bad hair day”. Getting the right hairstyle and choosing the right hair care is more important than you think it is.
I switched my entire hair care range to Aveda’s products three months ago, initially it was to try out for a review but I find that it slowly improves my dry and tangled hair issues. I have less tangled hair when I use Aveda’s products.
AVEDA specializes in hair care and they have a wide range to tackle different hair problems. Apart from that, AVEDA has also made styling much easier. I do not even need a tong to curl my hair. The hairstyle created in this post is simply by using Aveda’s Be Curly range. After wash I apply a small amount on my damp hair, twirl my hair with my fingers and blow dry. I did a review on it a month ago (here). A really fast and simple way to get your hair done for the day~
This Season, AVEDA introduces a limited edition hair collection for autumn/winter 2014 created exclusively for Asian women by Aveda’s hair care experts from Japan to create seductively soft and feminine looks.
Speaking about feminine and soft looks, the one person that I always think has perfect doll hair is none other than Angelababy. Her hair is always so perfect like as if she walked out from a fairytale.

No matter what kind of outfits she’s wearing, she’s able to pull it off with her pretty locks.
angelababy_by_891952386-d43qte8 copy
With Aveda’s new hairstyle and colour range, achieving fairytale like hair is made possible!

Rie Hirabayashi, Aveda’s Editorial Artist for Haircutting and Styling collaborated with Yuji Okawa, Master Colorist, Aveda Japan to create three new looks specifically for the modern, trendsetting Asian woman. Their combined vision of reveals refined color designs with a touch of soft, sweet, romantic taste. The cuteness and femininity is balanced by a cool and sophisticated touch, which gives the looks more personality. With Aveda’s 93% naturally derived hair color, the looks give guests easy to wear color, conditioning, and shine.
Long Style with Pearl Beige
Give dimensional elegance and shine to a beautiful pearl beige long style. Brightened highlights inserted in a gradation towards the hair ends add uniqueness to the look, creating a different, naturally glamorous feel with every movement you make.
Medium Style with Chocolate Brown
Side bangs to the cheeks and soft, sensitive curls create a perfect mix of sweetness and maturity to this medium bob style.
Short Bob with Cinnamon Orange
This inspiring lip line bob, with a fluffy round silhouette, starts with smooth hair. Glimpses of purple within the bright and refined cinnamon orange gives the look nuance, rendering a stylish gradation. The combination of sweetness and coolness creates a somewhat ennui edge.
The Color
For the color, Yuji’s concept was to create a high-fashion look while achieving friendly, everyday-wear balance. The customized colors allow women to complement their hair with their skin tone and eye color. Full Spectrum DeepTM also gives Asian women the shine and conditioning that they love.

“I used pink and purple tones in the follow to give the hair a pearly shine, along with gradual highlights for customization,” says Yuji Okawa, Master Colorist, Aveda Japan. “This technique creates a young, fresh and healthy look – perfect for what Asian women want.”

The Cutting and Styling
Pulling from the perm trend in Asian countries, Rie set out to create looks full of texture and used a blow dryer instead of air-drying. Rie’s approach gives women the soft, young look they seek, while still looking fresh and refined.
“I created a look that is cute and cool for an independent woman with a little bit of sexy spice,” says Rie Hirabayashi, Aveda’s Editorial Artist for Haircutting and Styling. “Natural brands are very popular now and Aveda has established itself as the leader in the industry.”
As a top stylist, Rie has extensive experience working on top editorial photo shoots, including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, hair shows, fashion catalogs and music videos. She has also appeared at the Asian Beauty Congress as a guest judge.
Here’s more information of the two artists that made fairytale hairstyles come to live!

Rie Hirabayashi (left)
AVEDA EDITORIAL ARTIST, HAIRCUTTING & STYLING International artist Rie Hirabayashi
started her
career at DADA CuBic in Tokyo, Japan in 2001.
Not long after, Rie won the Grand Prix award at
Santo-Hai Designer’s Contest and received the
JHA “Best Newcomer of the Year” award. She was
also nominated for JHA “Japan Hairdresser of the
In 2009 Rie moved to New York City to continue
her haircutting and styling career.
As a top Aveda stylist, Rie has extensive experience working on top editorial photo shoots, including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, hair shows, fashion catalogs and music videos. She has also appeared at the Asian Beauty Congress as a guest judge.

Yuji Okawa (right)
AVEDA GUEST ARTIST International color artist Y
uji Okawa is founder of Creative Art Inc.
and is one of the world’s leading colorists. Yuji was born in Tokyo,
Japan, but at the age of fifteen left his homeland to spend his
schooldays in England where he studied chemistry at the University
College of London. A former chemist, Yuji marries scientific
knowledge with creativity, applying it the world of hair color.
When Yuji returned to Japan to help his family’s salon, Masago, he
thoroughly learned the skills and theory of hair coloring. For eight
years he worked at Masago as the director.
With numerous years of salon experience, Yuji colors and styles hair
for editorial, print and television advertising, teaches numerous
seminars in hair and a visionary leader in socially responsible
business. Yuji’s worked has included helping to develop Full
Spectrum Deep Extra Lift and Deposit Creme Color for Dark Hair.
He has had the opportunity to travel the world and participate in hair
shows as well as being an Aveda Color Educator.

And if you are interested in trying out some Aveda products, you might wanna take a peak at Yuji and Rei’s favourites from AVEDA.

             Yuji’s favorite Aveda picks:
·  Full Spectrum Deep™
·  Dry Remedy™ Daily Moisturising Oil
·  Shampure Candle

Rie’s favorite Aveda picks:
·  Dry Remedy™ Daily Moisturizing Oil
·  Color Conserve™ Daily Color Protect
·  Foot Relief™
Aveda autumn/winter 2014 collection Yuji Okawa

Aveda’s products are available at TAKASHIMAYA and TANGS ORCHARD, Get your fairytale hair with Aveda. J


HASS & Cie

Friday, October 10, 2014

 Once again Nico and I have the pleasure of enjoying couple watches from Team Ashtrodite, they have recently brought in a "new" brand and we have the honour to call them ours~

Haas & Cie

A Brand established in Geneva since 1848, the founding watch makers mastered complicated watch production with sophistication. Their watches gained recognition through superb craftsmanship and boasts of characteristics such as double chronographs, ultra thin watches with Swiss movements and split second chronographs.The brand has since been acquired by Korean electronics group, Samsung and are geared for expansion plans in South East Asia. Combining classic designs with fine Swiss watch production and marketed at affordable prices, Haas & Cie have repositioned themselves for mass market appeal. Prices range from $249- $329. 
Nico and I both chose the same watch face, it's clean, simple and fine. Love the engraving at the side of the watch face. To be honest, this watch wasn't love at first sight but It grew so much on me and nico, now we often wear them out together on weekends ^^
DSCF7390 copy
It is very fortunate and blessed to have someone whom i share the same passion and perspective of thoughts with, someone whom aren't afraid or embarrassed to share the same opinion. And of course would not mind at all to wear the same clothes or accessories. 
Love needs passion and passion needs time. To me keeping time is important but the irony is we cannot keep time. Oh life~

If you are interested in the models that nico and i wore, click (here & here)
Any purchase of Hass & Cie watches at Ashtrodite in the month of October 2014 is entitled to a 15% discount when you enter, "VAL15OFF".

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.00.02 am


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hello all~ I’m really excited to share this post, I love everything from the apparels to the photography(by my very talented fio aka smittenpixles), by far the best visuals and satisfaction I got from a self styled shoot!!! I cannot even pick a favourite to begin with, they are all my favourite!

This post will definitely be a bonus to all staying in the west. All my life I stay in the East, the distance to town is already something I would only do so if I have errands to run. Last week, I travelled all the way to Jurong!! I have always thought of the West as secluded and in my impression there is nothing much there.

J.Cube has recently launched J.Avenue, a very cool hipster shopping concept. J.Avenue is located on the second level of J.Cube and what attracted me most is the price range, they are all so affordable! Everything I’ve picked cost not more than $35. The vibe at J.Avenue is very different from the usual shopping malls layout, it has included quirky and fun designs to make shopping a lot more interesting. I spent my noon shopping and have gotten myself some new apparels and I’m soooooo in love with them! I shall let the visuals do the talking. ^^
||  babydoll drawstring top . MODA ||

I’ve included the shop name in caps for all outfits just incase you wonder which shop did I got them. J
Extreme love for this top, it is so versatile and comfortable. It could be worn for a picnic, a casual date out or even a beach getaway~
FEE_5260 copy
||  British flag tote . BAGBOX  ||

A roomy bag never goes wrong
||  Floral Tassel Outerwear . BLOOM  ||

a little boho
||  Stripe shirt . BLOOM  ||
||  Green Midi Skirt . BUY AWAY  ||
||  Knitted Hat . NAMIE’S STREET  ||
||  White Knitted Cardi . BUY AWAY  ||
||  Nude Stripe Slack Pants . NAMIE’S STREET  ||

On lazy days, it is alright to dress all comfy, it is also okay to look like you’ve just gotten out of bed, I usually dress like this when the day is gloomy/rainy. Not being able to snuggle in bed with such weather is already sad, so to make myself feel better I would be in my slack pants. I have added a knitted blue hat to ensure that the whole look, looks comfy but not sloppy.
A well-spent noon picking and styling up apparels from J.Avenue, there is nothing much more I could have asked for. Although the distance might be a bit of hurdle to me, but its fortunate to have a direct express bus from my house to Jurong East. :D

Shopping at J.Avenue have not only given me a chance to experience a different shopping vibe but also made shopping so much more fun, not like it’s not already fun enough to shop!

If you stay in the East like me and do not even want to think of the time needed to travel to J.Cube, fret not! Easy taxi and J.Cube has collaborated and came up with something that in my opinion is very worth it and thoughtful, get a 50% reimbursement for your taxi fare when you alight at J.cube on weekends (11am-8pm). That is not all, with a minimum spending of $40, you can turn your 50% claim into a FULL taxi claim!  HOW AWESOME :D

Also, stand to win up to $100 vouchers when you create a J.Mix online at J.Avenue.  
All you have to do is to:

1)    Create your J.Mix entry via the desktop version
2)    Access your J.Mix entry via our mobile site with your smartphones
3)     Share your J.Mix entry on Instagram with JavenueSG and follow @JavenueSG
(Your profile must be set to public)

Contest ends 9 October 2014.

J.Avenue (here) updates weekly with new arrivals, if you want to receive info on that, you can subscibe to their enewsletter and also follow them on instagram @javanuesg for the latest updates!Do also catch my October 2014 feature on under “Trends & Feature”!

Thank you J.Cube for inviting me for a wonderful shopping experience at J.Avenue!