Friday, December 19, 2014

This year has been nothing but awesome! One of the great things that have happened is being able to work with many new brands that I have never thought I would be able to. Today I bring to you the creative people of Controlled Commodity!

Controlled Commodity is a new clothing label that embraces the beauty of utilitarianism and timeless style. Headquartered in Singapore with a design team based in Milan, the label was created with the pragmatic individual in mind and is committed to creating stylish, affordable and comfortable clothing for men and women.
Controlled Commodity’s centres on the idea of the perfect weekend shirt. Challenged by the idea that shirts do not have to be confined to the office, the design team set out to create comfortable, fun and versatile pieces that fit in perfectly with the uninhibited lives of the modern man and woman.
I personally love their simple, minimal look and the loose fit most.
This piece that I’m wearing is a crop cutting so it is slightly shorter than the usual shirts.
The perfect weekend shirt does not have to look sloppy or too casual, you can always switch it up by the choice of footwear. In this case I chose to go with a pair of heels for a more feminine touch.
This baseball cut shirt would be my top pick of all, love the colour combination!
If you have been with my social space for a period, you might notice that I’m very into tee shirts! They are my bread and butter! Controlled Commodity currently only have tees under the men’s section but they are working on the women’s tee, should be in stores next year.
DSCF3294 copy
I do not have a problem with it being a male or female cut. I love em all.
The founder of Controlled Commoidty (John Tan) said, “I created Controlled Commodity to take a stand against the
current culture of disposable fashion. We create chic, fun and modern pieces
that people won’t tire of wearing every day. Unlike fast fashion brands, our
designs are not tied to a specific trend or a moment in time. Controlled
Commodity celebrates individualism, not conformity. It is the wearer that
breathes life into the clothing, and not the other way round.”

I very much agree and support his idea about not being tied to a specific trend or moment. I’m not quite sure when people tells me that my style is really up to date because if you ask me about the latest trends and designs, I’d probably not know much. I seek comfort as my main priority.
DSCF3311 copy

Controlled Commodity has definitely fit my definition of
Comfort. Controlled Commodity wear is sold exclusively on their website and selected stores. For more information and purchases, links are provided below. And I have to mention that they have a “NINJA VAN” to dispatch items overnight! It is a great service if you are doing some last min Christmas shopping and have absolute zero time to shop outside. But if you do have the time you can head over to their pop up store at, One Raffles Place, #03-09 in the MARCELLA STORE.

They offer FREE SHIPPING in Singapore for all orders above $50. For orders below $50, a standard shipping fee of $4 applies. All items will be dispatched OVERNIGHT (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays) via their courier service provider, Ninja Van.


Last flea of the year is happening this weekend 20th, 21st Dec 2015 at The Cathay, Space invasion, level 3, 1-6pm.
I have packed a whole lot of goodies for you girls, selling them at $5, $10, $15 & $20. Most of them are in pretty good condition, i love em but girls just can't get enough of clothes! My wardrobe is not bursting, it already did. I'll see all of you there and I hope you'll find something you like at my booth.

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classical goes zouk

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Two weeks back I was invited to Zouk for a Charity event that concerns people who had bone marrow disease. Never did it came across my mind that a Classical performance would take place in Zouk. It was pretty interesting. Apart from that, I wanted to go because it is something close to my heart and I could really relate to. Bone marrow diseases are far more complicated and depressing than what people picture it to be. Hair loss and all physical changes are just surface issues. Many people did not survive not because they did not seek medical help but because they could not find a match to be their donor. The BMDP hopes to raise awareness that donating bone marrow could really help save someone's life and it would not cost you anything at all. Perhaps just sitting down for a couple of hours to have your bone marrow filtered from your blood. 
Donors are angles for the human race in my opinion. I could justify that because an immediate family of mine received help from a donor and is able to continue living to see the world. I would one day master my courage and be a donor too!
Courtesy of BMDP, I was given the privilege to invite a few friends along to share this experience. It was a great night, well spent with music and friends.
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just tangy

Friday, December 12, 2014

There's always been a debate in my head as to what defines a statement piece. To the general, statement piece simply means extravagant, loud, eye chatchy, the centre of attraction etc. But to me it is often the subtle, the silent, the mysterious that catches my attention. It is rather subjective though~
I am not one who wears fanciful clothes nor accessories, maybe just once in a blue moon. However, not being fanciful does not equate to not wearing them at all. I do have a few accessories that i will never leave home without. And I have recently found a few more worthy of joining the gang.
1. Kristen Lily
royal blue druzy pop ring in silver
2. Claire Aristides
lucky charm horse shoe bracelet in white gold
Totally in awe with the Claire Aristides horse shoe bracelet, it fits so perfectly. Look nothing but dainty.
Next up a little sun burst, this piece is considered much bigger to those tiny delicate pieces above but it is still kind of subtle in my opinion. The whole vibe of this necklace reminds me of the way Egyptians illustrates the sun.
3. House of Harlow
white mini sunburst pendant necklace

Well so basically these 3 accessories have made it to the gang and I must say that my favourite will have to be the horse shoe bracelet. It is said to bring good luck and why wouldn't anyone wear some luck?  
I would not have discovered these little gems if it was not for Just Tangy, really glad to have them before the year comes to an end. This delicate piece comes in other designs as well and I'm actually itching to get another. It could also be a very pretty gift for friends and family. 

And they say good things comes in a pair, (here) is something Just Tangy have thoughtfully put together for people who wishes to purchase gifts in a pair. If by now you are somewhat seduced by these pieces, the links are provided, you know where to go~

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escape reality

Thursday, December 11, 2014

|| Phuket Advertorial ||

Escaping reality in two weeks time! A Holiday without seeing the beach isn't considered a holiday to me. So to start the year recharged, I've decided to keep up with my yearly Phuket affair. This time round, it will be longer than any of my trips. I have never been away for more than 10 days and I'm not sure why I decided to be away for that long, perhaps really exhausted this year. That said, advertorial slots are open to anything "beachy" and light weight. For booking and enquiry of advertorials, mail
(all slots have to be booked by the 20th dec and items to arrive before the 22nd dec 2015)

*ps.  I am giving away this Escape Reality Tee to ONE LUCKY WINNER, happening on Instagram @valerie_wang