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Its been a long time since I've updated this space, pardon me for the absence as I've been thinking hard about how to improve this space. While I'm still working on it, here's a new post for a brand that I have been using and loved ever since I was introduced to it. I'm pretty sure this brand is no stranger to many, it's none other than Moist Diane.
I'm very blessed to always get to try their products and of all that I've tried, the Extra Vitalising Sakura series which is the first Moist Diane product I've ever tried remains as my favourite from the lot. When I received their latest Botanical Refresh & Moist Series, I was pretty sure the shampoos are gonna smell heavenly as usual but what came with it in the series is a body wash! That is definitely something new!
This Botanical range is made from 90% natural ingredients and very European-inspired in both its ingredients and scent. It uses premium olive oil extract from Tuscany, Italy as its main cleansing ingredient (as opposed to harsh sulphates). This makes it gentle enough for sensitive skin and scalp. Its even suitable for babies to use! It does not contain silicones, sulphates, parabens, ethanol, artificial colourants, surfactants and animal-derived ingredients.
When I tried them for the first time I was expecting the usual sweet smelling scent but to my surprise, it was more than that, it is both soothing and uplifting. I can't think of a fruit or flower in particular to describe the scent. However, with just one use, I know that this series is definitely topping my personal chart. The Sakura series unfortunately is placed second now. 
When people hear about using essential oils in Shampoo, they might have a misconception that it is greasy or heavy but I assure you, its none of that. After rinsing the shampoo off, you can feel that both your hands and hair feel moisturised but it does not weigh your hair down.
And finally we have the body wash which I am most excited about! I guess I cannot emphasise more on how amazing all Moist Diane's products smell! I'm pretty sure for all of you who have tried Moist Diane will agree with me! :)

Apart from using Moroccan organ oil and Toscana olive oil as its cleansing base, this Refresh & Moist series is also infused with refreshing apple mint, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial lemongrass and as well as beautifying and hydrating Bilberry

My skin definitely feels refreshed and moist! There is also a hint of citrus and french soap (savon) scent that made it refreshing and long lasting!
So here's my first entry of 2018, more to come and definitely more exciting Moist Diane products in the near future! :)

Moist Diane is available at Watsons, Don Don Donki, Tokyu Hands, BHG and Welcia BHG.
Retailing at, Shampoo 480ml $18.90, Treatment 480ml $18.90 and Body Soap 500 ml $10.90.

I'll be back here soon, with love!
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