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Today we're talking about hair. Picture luscious hair, flowing with the breeze, how nice! Sadly not everyone is blessed with that and I do know that many people have issues with their hair condition. I'm definitely one of those who aren't satisfied and do face some problems with my hair despite looking all fine from the outside. Some of you might have noticed that I had my hair chopped off quite a bit recently. Part of it, is because i'm just bored of the long locks but more importantly, I wanted to reduce the stress on my scalp and hopefully reduce hair fall. I'm not born with thick luscious hair, in fact my hair has never been thick and my hairline has always been pretty sparse.
Two years ago, I was experiencing some really serious hair fall and my boyfriend bought me some anti hair thinning shampoo, ever since I have been using it diligently. I do see improvements after 2 years but it wasn't
drastic enough to be noticeable in photos. But I wanted to do more to improve the current condition and hopefully keep it healthy for as long as I can.

The condition of our hair isn't just about the product that we use or apply onto the hair, the core factor is actually our scalp, if it is healthy and strong, naturally you'll have healthier hair.

I was introduced to TrichoKare just 2 weeks after I had my locks cut short, perfect timing! If you're wondering what is that, let me briefly explain.

TrichoKare is an award winning scalp care centre, unveiled a new anti-ageing treatments for people who are suffering from age related changes in density and diameter of their hair. The treatment will be customised based on your hair and scalp condition, it helps to fight five signs of Ageing Hair:
·         Thinning hair
·         Appearance of grey hair
·         Dryness of scalp and/or hair strands
·         Brittleness of hair strands
·         Lacklustre hair

It entails an elaborate treatment process that incorporates premium European herbal hair remedies to promote hair growth as well as nourishing and strengthening hair follicles. TrichoKare's Advance Age Defying Hair Treatment is validated by certified Trichologists (Specialist who study and diagnose hair/scalp problems).
I went over feeling pretty confident about my hair/scalp (other than not having thick and luscious hair). The Trichologist did the Advanced Tricho Hair Test, some analysis and diagnosis, I wasn't expecting to see whatever I saw. It was revealed that my hair age is 30 years old when I'm 4 years away from it!

And I always thought that my scalp is quite healthy, there isn't much grease and even after a full day, I do not experience the oily hair look. I do not have dandruff or flakes coming off.

When the Trichologist magnified my scalp and showed me on screen, she pointed out that there is thinning of hair over the crown area and some of my pores were clogged which impedes hair growth. This is one of the reason why my hair has aged faster than it should.

Verdict: Thinning hair at the crown area, slight greasy and sensitive scalp due to frequent colouring and late night sleep. (oh yeah, thanks to insomnia)

Let me take you through the treatment process!

1.       Scalp purification mask (customised mask based on your hair and scalp condition): It can also be known as detoxifying mask – it helps to deeply cleanse the hair by removing impurities and excess sebum while regulating the scalp. Soothing the scalp to reduce the redness. The application takes up to 20 minutes to detox my scalp and absorb the nutrients.

2.       Hair wash – The wash was professionally done by one of their hair expert. They massage each and every single pressure point and the soothing botanical hair wash will deeply cleanse and regulate the pH balance of your scalp and remove the dead skin and grime.

3.       Oxyjet technology – An advanced innovation using pulsed oxygen pressure, an infusion of 98% pure oxygen and nutrients are "shot" into the deep layers of the scalp. The active ingredients are able to penetrate deeply into the scalp without needles, which means it is all gentle, effective and safe! This process results in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.

Key ingredient used:
Emu Oil
Boost the diameter and thickness of each hair
Reactivate 80% of dormant hair follicles

Gingko Biloba extract
Counteract signs of scalp ageing
Boost collagen production to increase new hair growth

4.       Scalp massage – The hair expert applied the tonic onto my scalp to strengthen the cohesion of keratin fibres to improve the hair density and control hair fall. A scalp massage was given to improve blood circulation and ensure that the nutrients and proteins are fully absorbed into my scalp. (I almost fell asleep, it was so relaxing.)

5.        Infrared Therapy Light – This intensive regeneration encourage cell renewal to promote hair growth and restore your hair to its former glory while soothing your scalp.

Here's a magnified look of my scalp before (top) and after (bottom). After a 2hr treatment, I felt that my hair and scalp were significantly cleaner and the close-up scans of my scalp taken after the treatment verified it! 

My scalp (before treatment) is slightly greasy with some clogged pores and redness. It was cleared up and the follicles are visibly cleaner, the redness had also been reduced. It was pretty satisfying to see a clean scalp after one session! 

That said, this is not a procedure that would increase hair growth overnight,
it requires consistency and commitment. I'm definitely looking forward to my next treatment!

*TrichoKare has been around for over 13 years and it is one of Singapore’s leading hair and sculpt care expert. TrichoKare’s hair specialists are trained under certified Trichologists, and use state-of-the-art technology and European herbal hair remedies to effectively solve hair problems. TrichoKare has won numerous awards for their hair treatments such as The Singapore Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2017 – Best Volumising Treatment For Thinning Hair, ELLE Beauty Treat List 2017 – Best Treatment For Hair Loss, Parentsworld Beauty Awards 2017 – Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment, Daily Vanity Top 10 Trusted Hair Treatment Centre 2017, Her World Spa Awards 2016, Harper's BAZAAR Hair Awards 2016 , The Singapore Tatler Best of Singapore 2016 and many more.

Exclusive deal by Trichokare:
Book an Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment @ $40 and get to receive a FREE Hair Care Kit + HairGRO Serum. 

If you are curious about the age of your hair and have the interest to find out more, here's the link!

TrichoKare has 5 outlets conveniently located near MRT stations: Compass One, Nex, Orchardgateway, The Clementi Mall and Velocity@Novena Square.
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