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my first shoot with chaceylove
chacey love's apparel is super girly for me
definitely not my preferred style but i can't deny they have really pretty pieces
i don't know why but i kept 2 super girly items, too pretty to resisit!!
chaceylove's boss (acelyn) is a super encouraging boss
i feel very fortunate and comfortable to work with her
can't wait to have another shoot!
photo (14)
meet qining! Boss of.......i forgot which blogshop :X
she's a darling to chaceylove's boss
came to help out even when she's drop dead tired
photo (18)
after shoot we had RAMEN!!!! norm norm norm!!!
although its Ajisan but as long as its ramen it makes me happy :D
photo (9)
td yy
was so engross with the ramen i forgot to snap a pic of acelyn -___-
credit: acelyn

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