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Hello fellow humans! I'm here to introduce VISUAL MASS!
 Singapore's FIRST web based optical phenomenon!!! 
Here we're not just talking about frames but quality and affordable frames, apart from that, THE LENS!
YES! You heard it! Purchase both frame and lens online, its like killing 2 birds with one stone! 
Now you don't have to make another trip to the optical store after purchasing online :D
As you can tell from(pic above) the number of specs i have, you pretty much know i love specs and that is also one of the reason why i haven't considered lasik surgery. I feel having a specs that suits you adds style and character to each individuals.
my first pick: VINT GOLD
DSC05766 copy
second pick: C.C STYLE
These are some of the frames that i'm eyeing to add on to my collection! 
 Simply can't get enough of these pretty frames!!!
PicMonkey Collage10 copy
OH! I forgot to mention that Visual Mass also carries Rayban Sunglasses & Frames!
To keep up with updates you can like them on facebook or @visualmass (instagram)
Do checkout their website for more details of products and to order

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