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I've always enjoy meeting new people for shoots and recently I have an opportunity to work with Earl Grey Party and other than having the honour to grace their website, EGP have also given me the liberty to pick any items i like, even the ones that have yet to be launched, photos aren't even taken for the site! So its SUPER SNEAK i must say~

1. Forest green maxi skirt, made of suede material

2. Floral romper, really like the flare bottom that made it look like a skirt
3. twist of black tee in white
4. Duo lace lampshade skirt in electro blue (visit site for true colour)
Nicely pleated at the top, super fun electro colour, slight sturdy material for a little poof! 
Paired with lace at the bottom, a mix of feminine and fun!
Here are some behind the scenes shot, enjoy~
PicMonkey Collageasdfghj
PicMonkey Collagedsytx
Met this super sweet lady(A&F stylist) during the shoot, she's here for a test shoot and gosh she looks so cute even with zero make up!
PicMonkey Collageoxoxrt
PicMonkey Collageovo
Last but not least, FURRY, i call her 毛毛 now~ Owner of Earl Grey Party, I had a lot of fun working with you and the minions, thank you :)

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at PM 09.35.39

Don't forget to like them on facebook for sneaks and giveaways!

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