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nano devourer
mixed media installation
dimensions variable
About a month ago i had my first show as a fine arts student, my first sem in LASALLE was horrible, till the point i wanted to quit school after seeing my resluts. Quiting was never an option for me, i was truly disappointed by my thoughts. But i thought to myself, this can't be it, i did my work, i attended lectures, i'm not late for any submissions, i paid my fees, i don't have any conflicts with anyone... so why? I just refuse to believe, for i am not one who takes school for fun. I don't have much talent with business or science or any other fields that requires to be booksmart, those that my parents pinned hope on me. Idk what i can help with the society in future, i only know i love drawing. I started my second sem disappointed and angry, i consulted those lecturers that marked me down, even so, i don't understand why do they fail me, the reason they gave does not make sense at all, least to me. I gave up looking for the reason, told myself i'll just follow my heart, draw what i want do what i want, i borrow piles and piles of books to try to understand art history, to understand my major topic, i wrote essays that i don't even know if its counted as one. I will do what i have to and what i love to, if it turns out just as bad then i'll just end my sch life here because i have done my best and idk what more i could.
nico has always been encouraging me with my work, inducing me with artist references and advises though sometimes he just totally demoralise and crush my spirits making me feel i'm not good enough to be considered a fine art student, he knows so much and i have no clue at all, but nonetheless i know nico meant well~ couldn't have make it till now if he weren't around
second sem turn out pretty well though, i'm glad really glad, works above are from my second sem :)
I'm thankful for those who came down to the show to support, in actual i only invited my parents and nico :/ but whoever that saw my work and didn't think its bullshit, thank you! Sincerely~
Nalin and i, she had her work(fashion) displayed in the show as well, she have officially graduated with a degree and i think her works are SUPER DUPER AWESOME, really~ 
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