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A Day with Val-16
HOLAAA~ This post is a continuation of my feature shoot with Aforarcade. If you do not know, Aforarcade is one of the many blogshops i work with but also one of those whom i work with most frequently. Its cliche to say this but time flies and i have been with them for more than a year! I see them almost every single week, though its just a 2-3 hour shoot but i have grown so attached that i do not feel like i'm going for a photoshoot/work, its more like meeting friends, we talked and laugh about everything during the shoot. Sometimes laugh at each other :/
A Day with Val-10
they are the most accommodating shop i have ever worked with, i could totally be myself, i could pose and make silly faces for the shoot, i don't have to maintain certain poise or my random loud laughter. Most of all i am extremely grateful for them accommodating to my ridiculous timing. < 3
A Day with Val-11
We met up for the first time out of a shoot, just bringing them through a day i am living. I study fine arts in LASALLE right now so, other than photoshoots, most of my time are spent in school or places that i would get my art materials and inspiration, book stores and libraries in particular. You must be wondering then why at starbucks?? Well, i'm a coffee addict, i have to have at least 2 dozes of coffee everyday, else i'll feel like a zombie~
A Day with Val-12
So and that is why we decided to go to startbucks, COFFEEEEE!
I don't usually share things about myself because honestly i think i'm not that much of a interesting person but am gonna make a little exception here~ nothing amazing but ... just some music that i listen to. My favourite singer is LAURA MARLING, absolutely love her, i get sucked into her music every single time i listen and i listen to her everyday, same artist over and over again (call me boring) but its okay because i find her music so......i don't even have a word to describe~ Apart from that symphony 92.4 is my fav radio station and some other artist like olivia ong, lisa ono and the xx.
A Day with Val-18
After having some coffee, i needed to run some errands for school so i brought the crew to the place i usually buy my supplys. I have some obsession over pencils and colour pencils, it does not matter how many sets i already have, it will never be enough! I spent hundreds on them every now and then, it is kind of a motivation to me to work harder.
A Day with Val-21
A Day with Val-32
I'm a very technical person not so much of conceptual, i spent hours and days, sometimes weeks just to complete a single drawing, i love chaos in a controlled manner. Anyway, the crew had an impromptu idea, they ask if i could paint something. I'm not good with paints to be honest (as mentioned i love pencils so my forte is actually in drawing not painting) 
A Day with Val-39
But i though i'd give it a shot to try something out of my comfort zone, chose the 3 colours that made up aforarcade's logo, i was clueless when i sat in front of the canvas :/// I just went with the flo, whack the paints onto the canvas~
A Day with Val-40
A Day with Val-43
well the end product wasn't that WOW, nothing close to that however it is the experience that mattered. I was really happy to share what i do with the crew and of course now, to my fellow readers
A Day with Val-41
working with aforarcade has been a great pleasure, thank you aforarcade for so much wonderful momments. I believe there will be more to come :D
IMG_3784 copy
Yup and that's my trip of "one day with val!"
I'll end of with my current favourite new items from aforarcade ^^
1. forever off shoulder top [funny name but i like :) ]
pair it with denim, nothing really goes wrong with denim!
2. polkadot highwaisted shorts
pssss* this is a yet to launch item, coming soooon~
just one last thing, a collage of some shots over the one year+ with aforarcade

Here's their facebook page, aforarcade launches almost every week so do check them out!
For all my fellow readers, you are entitled to a special discount, all you have to do is key in "val10" upon checking out!
(discount code is valid for 1 month till 12th of oct 2013)

I hope u guys have enjoyed this post and a great time shopping with aforarcade!

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