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As some of you might know, i started up ASUNDER about 2 years ago while taking a break in between my diploma and degree. Everything was done from scratch, designing, materials, cutting, sewing and packaging. ASUNDER i must say is one of my proudest achievement. However i have to put it on hold till i'm officially done with my degree as i really could not juggle all school, orchestra, work and asunder all at once. Recently i was showed this website own by someone whom i happen to know but not exactly. A friend of someone pretty close to me in a way. It is sad how this person simply rip off others hard work, not only in the aspects of concept, design, name, materials but even placement/position of products for pictures.

I fully understand the fact that everything has been done before and i'm probably not the only one who have thought of this kind of design but i also understand very well that some things are just not pure coincidence. And there's some things that does not need any evidence to be proven.
On a brighter note, though i do not have time to operate asunder now but i'm trying out new things and planning new stuff. Once i'm done with my degree, promise awesome new stuff from asunder :)
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Btw, that's the BEST SPACE MATE in the universe i have over there, its a little sad he have to go to army and we can no longer be space mates but i'm really thankful for everything he have helped/guided and taught me. I'd probably still be a lost sheep without his help. 
Have fun in NS my dear space mate! Till then, take care!
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