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Côte&Ciel In progressive shapes that embody modernity, simplicity and style, our travel goods are made from innovative materials that feel personal and offer durability so you can keep them close and for a long time. Our products are designed for universal spaces, sitting comfortable between coast and sky. They’re streamlined to help you connect and disconnect because we know a truly creative person is always switched on. Deciding our colour palette is pivotal to our process. Our base collection in shades black and grey are always complemented by seasonal collections that feature pops of colour.

First of all, this is not an advertorial, a personal recommendation to my readers. I did a short video with Côte&Ciel about 2 mths back, featuring creative people in Sg. Really honored to be considered one. I now personally own a Côte&Ciel rugsack in black. The bag is cushioned and design in a way my shoulder does not hurt despite the crazy amount of stuff i bring to school everyday and honestly i find the shape really cool. Can't wait for school to start and bring my rugsack around! If you're interested about Côte&Ciel, you can check out their facebook and website!
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