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The Route to Crisp & Healthy Vision

Hola fellow readers! i don't usually write lengthy posts but here's one that i feel the need to share.

Astigmatism.  i'm pretty sure a number of you have it and maybe some of you have it but don’t know about it. Or, you could be wondering what this astigmatism thing is about…

Well basically, astigmatism is a defect in the eye caused by deviation from spherical curvature, which results in distorted images, as light rays are prevented from meeting at a common focus. What this basically means is that you have blurry vision.
i was diagnosed with astigmatism at a young age, and started wearing spectacles when I was around 6 years old. i relied a lot on my glasses. However i tried on non-astigmatism contact lenses in my post-secondary school days, but it was a really bad idea!

i was working part-time in a retail shop and i decided to try wearing contact lenses. Well they were so uncomfortable, my vision was blurry and they made my eyes  teary. it was so frustrating and embarrassing as my customers would be a little stunned, thinking that something bad had happened. 
i have tried many brands of contact lenses afterwards but none were comfortable and properly corrected my vision. i kind of gave up, believing my eyes were just not meant for contact lenses, and that they would stay like that forever. :(

Thankfully a couple of months ago, i was given the opportunity to participate in the 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM 5-day consecutive trial program. An eye examination appointment was scheduled for me and I went there thinking that it was a usual check of eye power. Boy was i wrong! i found out that a proper professional eye examination not only tests your eye power, but also the HEALTH condition of your eyes. Trust me, knowing the condition of your eye health makes a big difference.

The Eye Care Professional showed me a chart of eye health with a rating from 1 to 5 (1 as healthy and 5 as not healthy). My rating was between 3.5 – 4. Not good at all.

After analysing my eye condition, i was prescribed with 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM. I was given 5 pairs of daily disposable contact lenses to try for 5 consecutive days as part of the trial process. After 5 days, i found hope for my eyes! I was really surprised by how comfortable my eyes felt. It was almost like I had a new pair of eyes!
i could wear them for the whole day and enjoy clear vision. My eyes weren’t dry at all either and i no longer had to carry a contact lens case and pair of spectacles to change into when the contact lenses started to become uncomfortable. And what i think is great about wearing daily disposable contact lenses is that not only are they comfortable, they are also hygienic and healthy! This greatly reduces the chances of eye infections due to improper cleaning, storing, or the inability to keep track of the expiration date of my contact lenses. 

Now that i have experienced what it’s like to have crisp and comfortable vision, i strongly recommend my readers go for a proper eye examination to understand eye health and check for astigmatism before making a decision on which type of contact lenses to purchase. You should also seek the Eye Care Professional’s advice and not just wear any contact lenses, as they may actually worsen your eye condition and vision instead of improving it.

i have successfully BEATen THE BLUR with 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM! i believe everyone should enjoy not just clear, but HEALTHY vision too. DO NOT allow poor vision to affect your quality of life!
What are you waiting for? You too, can beat the blur of Astigmatism by registering for a 5-day consecutive trial at!

And of course, be sure to spread the love to your friends so they can enjoy crisp and HEALTHY vision too!

Astigmatism can also lead to embarrassing moments. Don’t believe?  i'll be sharing more about my embarrassing moments as a result of astigmatism in my next post!

Till then, take care! 

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