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About 3 months ago, I visited DRx with szes for our first session and began our journey to clearer and healthier skin! Szes and I have very different skin problems. While mine is not the obvious type, like acne break out, clog pores or oily skin, I do have my problems too. More about that later~

Us without make up but…. Really don’t look too human :/ Thus the illustration.

While making our way to meet Dr Hui Yun, we pass by this area, it’s a waiting area for people who are waiting to get fillers or botox done. Though I don’t think I will be trying any so soon, these comfy chairs made this section my favourite in the clinic.

My first session with Dr Hui Yun. I told her my skin condition and she carefully listens and advise me on certain skin care tips.

Proceed with up close skin diagnosis~ After which we went for some picture taking. To keep track of our progress and to compare the skin condition from the first time we came to DRx and the current condition.

I was told to stop all my sin care products and was introduced a whole new range.
Initially I was like, WTH, stop all my products?! I spent so much money on them!! But I really wanted to solve my skin problems so beggars can’t be choosers. The staff carefully explained the steps and process of the skin care regime prescribe to me by Dr Hui Yun. I’ve also learnt that my method of applying sunscreen has been wrong all along -__-

Seven, Lucky seven. I was prescribe 7 skin care products. Most of the time, most people only have 3 steps. Cleanse, toner and moisturizer. Initially trying to stick to the regime is quite a hassle but you’ll get the hang of it in a couple of days. And I must say it is all worth. On the first day when I tried the facial wash, I immediately texted szes and said my skin felt awesome after only one use and she said I’m a “kua zhang”(exxagerate) kid. But really I felt that way!

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Moving back to my skin condition, I do not have any bad breakouts or anything near that my whole life. To begin with I’m blessed with pretty clear skin. So what is my issue? Though I do not have acne or pimple breakouts neither oily skin issues. But I have really sensitive and dry skin. Time to time my skin gets so dry, it started flaking, especially at the eye and nose area. Above is a pic I grabbed from the internet (cause I did not took any of mine when I had it). This is exactly how it looks when my skin starts to flake. It is dry, itchy and no amount of moisturizer I spam could improve it. It will go off in approx a week, but its an on and off kind of thing. And it can get really annoying. Worst when I have to go for photoshoots, again no amount of products, bb cream or concealer could hide the flaking skin:(

Another problem with me is that I have really itchy hands, I can’t stand the sight of black/white heads. I squeeze them every night before removing make up and that leaves red spots/scares. The pic above is my skin condition after the basic 3 step skin regime most of us have. It is not particularly bad but there are red spots, scars, bums and visible white/black heads that refuse to come out despite the squeezing.

And even with make up, some of the red spots/scars are still visible. After being on DRx skin care rigime for about 3 months, I can proudly say that my skin condition had improved so much. I no longer experience flaking skin and my stubborn black/white heads have tremendously lessen. I no longer have to squeeze them and that leaves my skin spotless.  :D

This is a pic of my clear skin when I wake up in the morning. I recently tried eyelash extension and that explains the lashes, I’m not crazy enough to wear mascara to sleep.

Till date, I’ve been on DRx products for almost 3 months. In between I went back twice for reviews. I’m really satisfied and amazed how DRx could solve my dry and flaking skin which has been troubling me for many years.

I’ve tried and have seen good results of my DRx skincare regime. *(different skin types vary and might take shorter or longer time to see results) Through these 3 months I didn’t use a single facial mask, just products DRx prescribed to me.

 If you have troubled or dull skin and wishes to solve it, book an appointment for consultation first, to know your skin condition before deciding if you want to try out products from DRx.

Appointment can be booked through website and phone calls
You can check out their facebook and website for additional information.

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