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Exactly two weeks ago i turned 23, no elaborated or expensive birthday, never a fan of it.
Nico and i went for an unplanned dinner, we spent almost an hour walking around town to settle for a restaurant. Nico insist of going to a restaurant with nice ambience with a view but i was just too hungry and couldn't go on looking for the "perfect restaurant".
We settled for this~
spicy crabmeat pasta, not bad at all!
Nico likes trying new food,  he'll order whatever he finds interesting but most of the time when the food enters his mouth, this is the reaction~
yes this is the food he ordered, sandwich with beef
the bread is hard as rock, meat chewy as chewing gum
and fries...wait no! that is not fries at all. Some weird tasting fried sweet potato~
IMG_6384 luck with his berry yoghurt drink either, LOL nico LOL!!!
It is certainly hilarious watching nico eat with those expressions, though food for him was rather disappointing but mine was good~ 
I enjoy every moment with nico around, simple dinner with his sucky food but he remain cheerful as always, that's all we need. Thank you nico ^^
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