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Luxola x V.WANG

Have you ever ran out of skincare or cosmetics but just feeling too lazy and do not feel like heading out to the stores to get your cosmetics/skincare? Many times i wish i could just shop online from home and it would miraculously appear in front of my door step the next day. Recently i got to collaborate with Luxola and i was really happy to know that is the premier online destination for Skincare and Cosmetics in Sounth East Asia, and the online store that would provide me my cosmetics/skincare right at my doorstep the next day! Yes lazy bums like me~

They provide next day delivery provided in Singapore! 
Also Shipping to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei via DHL within 2-3days only!
Luxola carries a wide range of brands and here are my picks from the many many items they have~
1. ALPHAH liquid gold perfecting daywear
A high performance serum that smoothes and plumps the appearance of fine lines at the same time enhancing the skin tone with a radiant glow. This product can be applied after your usual skin care regime. I really love this product, i tried right away the day when i got it. Applied it as instructed but didn't really care to look at my face carefully. I only realise it at the end of the day when i was about to remove my make up. Usually at the end of the day my make up becomes "cakey" at certain parts like the forehead and nose area. But that day i realise it wasn't, it looks so smooth! My skin looks damn smooth and i don't see any "cakey" parts. Not exaggerating but that was my experience with this product.
When first applied it gives off a dewy gloss surface (above) but for me i would prefer a matt finish so after applying it, i dab a little loose powder over (below).
2. ZOEVA luxe colour blush
blusher, i feel is a very important step for a healthy look
blushing cheeks just makes the face looks much more alive
3. SLEEK colour palette
If you have chanced upon my previous post about NARS colour palette, i have mentioned that it is almost impossible for me to find a perfect palette, i have yet to find that perfect one but it is always interesting to try out new colours/textures. I usually use colours with a hint of shimmer as i feel it brightens the whole eye. But at days when i really wanna go nude i would choose to go matt and this colour palette from SLEEK has a full matt series in a sleek matt casing. There are nude colours and also some really funky colours that i have yet to try and experiment with, some day maybe ~
as usual, i choose warmth earth tone for my daily make up
4. DuWop lip venom
As the name suggest, dangerous!
This lip venom by DuWop gives you instant pumped up lips!
5. MILK dry touch sunscreen
sunscreen, the most important of all to prevent skin ageing and skin discolouration
Especially in a country like Singapore where we get almost 365 days of scorching sun
never ever leave your house without it!
6. HARNN hand cream
What i love about Luxola is, it has my favourite fragrance brand! 
i stumbled across this brand while searching for a room fragrance 2 years back. When i found HARNN, i've never wanted any other fragrance from any other brands. Now Luxola has given me the  opportunity to try their hand cream, as expected, it smells heavenly! Pretty absorbent, non greasy when dry~ IMG_0896
keeping the face and body moisturise, for most people it is part and parcel of the daily regime. But do you know, no matter how you manage to keep your face looking young and pretty while it ages, your hands if not taken care of will reveal your actual age. So start taking care of your hands while you're young :)
7. HARNN jasmine natural cleansing gel
YES OF COURSE, everything from HARNN smells so freaking good!
Smelling awesome after a bath, who doesn't want?
So there you go~ my picks from Luxola! 
Now your turn to pick yours!

Luxola is giving a special 20% discount to you, my fellow readers for your first purchase.
Remember to quote "LX-VALERIE" upon checking out :)

happy picking~
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