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A week ago was the opening of my grad show, my third grad show and probably my final one because I doubt i'm ever gonna study masters. I'm really glad to always have nico with me for all my grad shows, probably the only one that supports me through anything when people around me disagrees with everything :)
This person that has been a role model and have guided me in many ways is non other than my intern boss from my diploma years and now my mentor in ceramic making. I've learnt so much more from him than from school. It was never stressful to learn and work under him. 
Thank you for all the patience~
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I was really lucky this time to get to display my works in two separate galleries in school. I was still painting pedestals and re-arranging my works on in the morning of opening day itself. Tiring but it will be the last time ever doing this so i'm more than happy despite the lack of sleep.
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Last but not least the people that i have spent a good 2 years with. Though up till today i still can't get all of their names but i do recognise and know them by face. Certainly without a doubt, it is absolutely interesting to be in an environment with people from different countries and races. Each and every individual has such a unique personalities. With all good memories, i guess it's time we move on to the next stage of life. Good future ahead my friends~
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