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HOLAAA! I'm really excited for my upcoming trip (14th-21st june), a seven days trip to bali! Grad show is kind of done and i could almost say i'm done with school, just 5 more days to double confirm if i have managed to pass and pull through degree. Let's hope the school doesn't ring me up or sent me any letters!  I'll be travelling light with a bag pack as usual, no luggage because nico and i travel on motor bike to save cost, luggage definitely doesn't work and apart from that it is plain fun! Travelling light also means I'll try to pack things that aren't bulky and light weight. 

I'm opening up about 5-6 slots for advertorials on my seven days trip to Bali
Anything "beachy" is most welcome!

If you would like to save a slot for this advertorial or have any enquires regarding rates or procedure,
feel free to mail me anytime before 5th june, at

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