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Hello lovelies, how has your week been? I hope all’s fine. I’m here to introduce a line of products that I feel many of you might be in need of. But first, let me introduce the brand behind the products - Aveda.  Aveda was founded in 1987 and acquired in 1997 by Estee Lauder Companies. The brand is based upon the belief that the natural world provides all the raw materials we need for maintaining health and beauty, as long as we are responsible stewards of our limited natural resources.
As you can tell from the picture above, my hair is pretty messy. My hair is also extremely damaged due to the perming which takes place every half a year. I really like the volume the perms give my hair. However, it has become a major problem because it tangles like mad and there is no way for me to comb through the knots. 

This is extremely frustrating I had naturally straight hair with zero tangles  before I started perming my hair. I have even considered chopping off my hair because I didn’t know how to solve the problem.
To make things worse, I am frequently involved in photo shoots which require different hairstyles and I often have to use a lot of hair spray and backcomb my hair. Doing so actually causes further damage and adds on to my already tangled hair problems.
So you can probably imagine how delighted I was when Aveda sent me their Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight products to try out. This range specifically targets people with messy and wavy hair problems. If this works, I might not need to cut my hair off after all. 
Here are products I received (L-R):
1.     Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight
2.     Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother

I was a little confused with these two products at first, they seem the same.  But no they aren’t and let me explain what I’ve understood. This tube of Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight is a styling crème which is to be applied daily after you have towel dried your hair.. The styling crème is meant to progressively straighten your hair and eliminate unwanted waves in the long run. The bottle of Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother, on the other hand, helps to reduce frizz and protects the hair from heat damage. This helps to tame the hair, reducing styling time and making styling a much easier process.

Both products contain naturally derived plant fibers which invisibly attach themselves to each hair strand to loosen waves – and help hold your straight style in place – while a humidity barrier of tapioca starch and maize help fend off frizz, even in intense humidity.

To use the products, I followed the steps below:
Remember to apply the products to towel-dried hair.
I first applied a small amount of Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother on my damp hair, 
from mid to hair ends.

After that, I applied a coin-sized drop of Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight styling crème, from mid to hair ends. I even sectioned my hair into half to see the ‘before and after’ difference!
Lastly, I used a hair dryer to blow dry my hair and I was done!

Well this is the result and the difference is pretty obvious! I never thought it would work on the first try! The Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight crème makes my hair feel softer and the Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother tamed my hair. I tried flat ironing it and it was pretty amazing because usually when I do that, there will be lots of loose ends sticking out. These products hold my hair together quite well. And what I really liked about it is, it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy at all. Definitely a plus point for me to use it daily :D

If you are interested in finding out more, do head on down to Aveda’s FACEBOOK and Aveda is also having a contest where you can win a Smooth Infusion System! Read the poster below to find out more:
Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 3.55.56 am
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