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Hey babes~ here to share a new product that i have been introduced recently and find it quite satisfying. I have tried nail stickers before and they're really fast and easy to use. The only downside is, many other people will be using and having the same nail design as you. But nail stickers by inni allows you to create any nail design of your choice. REALLY ANY!!! All you have to do is, to go to their website and create an account, no charges implemented. And just upload the image of your choice and submit it. If you do not wish to share your design and want to keep it for just yourself, you could choose to private the account and no one will be able to purchase. Sounds selfish i know but oh well, just human~ You may not understand what i'm blabbing about above but all you have to do is to get to the website and you'll get it. 
I submitted two designs of my own art works, pretty cool to have my own works as my nail design :D
It comes in a set of different sizes, that way it'll be able to fit every single nail. Instructions are all printed on the sticker itself. What i usually do after i'm done pasting the sticker and filing off excess, I'll paint a layer of clear nail polish over to finish the look.
Yup and so if you are interested in having your own nail designs and not wanting to spent a bomb at nail salons, this is really a good option in my opinion. :)

Also do remember to quote "valwang20" while carting out to get 20% off the bill!

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