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Hello there! As promised, I’m back for another review after having spent a longer period of time with my Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE. 

I like that the GALAXY S5 LTE allows me to customize a lot of things, almost everything can be personalized, and not forgetting the relatively larger screen that makes browsing a bit less taxing on the eyes.

Okay, so before we even get started with all those functions and geeky stuff, I must confess that I really love the whole outlook of the phone.

It looks really gorgeous in photos.
I’ll kick start with some functions that I missed on the first review (here).

A smart phone, as we all know serves as communication and entertainment purposes, but what about a phone that allows you to enjoy exclusive privileges, special deals and discounts! The Samsung GALAXY Life & GALAXY Gifts allows you to experience more with theses rewarding privileges. On top of that Samsung has throw in over US$500 worth of free contents and services under the GALAXY Gifts section.

For many of us, phone security is very important, we all know that there’s a pass code to unlock the phone but sometimes this can be real burden! On average, most people check their phone every 30 minutes and when even more when we are alone or in an intense conversation with friends/family. So, to key in that pass code every single time we want to unlock the phone is plain annoying. I was really glad that Samsung now too, has introduced the finger print security. You can now unlock your phone with just one swipe!

One more feature that deserves some attention is the Accelerated Download Booster, where files can be downloaded up to 80-90% faster than just using only Wi-Fi or LTE, as the Download Booster engages both LTE and Wi-Fi simultaneously! No more waiting for urgent files to be downloaded!

Another thumb up for the GALAXY S5 LTE is that they understand that “shit” happens! Ever dropped your phone into the toilet bowl? Or perhaps, accidentally spilled water over it? Fret not! The Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE has qualified protection from water and dust. The back cover and multipurpose jack (picture above) when closed tightly forms a rubber-sealed design that helps to keep dust particles out and also protect against harmful ingress of water for up to 30 minutes of submergence at a depth of one meter. Equipped with a water resistant earphone jack, the GALAXY S5 LTE frees you to use earphones above water when the phone is wet or in water. Totally awesome for careless people and also you do not have to worry that the vapors produced when showering will damage your phone.

(**Water resistant only applies to pure water with no chemical content)
Moving on to the Gear 2! This is something very new to me and I find it quite interesting and very suitable for people who work out. 

What is a Gear 2? It is pretty obvious that it is something you wear on your wrist which people call it a watch. But behold, it is not your average watch. The Gear 2 is an essential companion device that acts as an extension of your daily life activities, but offers more control and convenience.

The Gear 2 allows you to make and receive calls, receive and reply messages. You can even customize replying message using the S voice. E-mails and notifications can also be viewed on the SUPER AMOLED screen so you can always be in touch, anytime and anywhere without having to touch your phone. :D
The Gear 2 comes in five different colours and I felt the design is stylish enough to be worn as a daily accessory.
How do you even get started? Instructions are played on the screen of the watch when you first switched it on. First you have to download the Gear app (for free) and later just connect it to your Gear 2 via Bluetooth.
The Gear 2 allows you to access it easily by either swiping left/right or downwards. Below is an example of what you will see.
The Gear two in my opinion is really great for people who work out often and are very detail about their diet/calorie intake.

Like the GALAXY S5 LTE, it allows you to keep track and monitor your health and progress with the S Health application & Heart Rate Sensor. In a sense, it acts as a personal fitness manager by identifying all your personal health and fitness data under one convenient dashboard. It can monitor all your physical activities as well as your calories intake too!
This still isn’t the coolest part~

What I love most about is…. It has camera function as well!!! The Gear 2 comes with a 2.0MP camera, this comes in really handy if you are working out, jogging or just do not want to have your phone in hand! Also great for spying and checking your eye candies out :/
The strap is adjustable as well so do not worry about wrist size or having to alter it. A watch that allows you to call/message/take photos and much more, this is totally what you would see in sci-fi movies. Well, it is now happening! Technology is really powerful!!
Even after having spent two months with the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE and a month with the Gear 2, I’m still discovering new stuff about these devices. I’m not quite sure if I’m done exploring but as for now this is what I could relate to you guys based on my personal experience.
I hope this review helps in your decision of choosing a smart phone that is suitable for yourself and also to those that do not have a clue with Samsung/Andriod devices.  

Oh! And if you’re worried about transferring data and files from smartphone/tablets/computers to smartphone, Samsung GALAXY has the Samsung Smart Switch function that makes transferring of data fast, easy and safe! You can see the step-by-step guide here:

That’s all for now. Till then, love.
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