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Hola~ Hope your day has been good. If it’s not, and you need a little getaway to forget about all the stress or simply want to catch up with a group of friends or are bored of the usual brunch dates, perhaps a yacht party might be an exciting choice! On board with your close friends, not having to worry about queues at restaurants or places that doesn’t allow you to chill for hours after the meal. With food provided, music and the sea breeze, away from the city without having to spent money on air tickets to go overseas, awesome!
Couple weeks back, Neo Yacht, Orangclove catering and Gushcloud invited me and five other pretty babes on board for a lovely afternoon. When we arrived, it was pouring really heavily, the pour was so bad we thought we would not be boarding the yacht at all. It was a major relieve for everyone when the rain finally decide to stop after an hour plus.
And so, to adventure we go!
With Miss Szes, my bride of the day! We were both wearing all white, I was in a shirt and her in a dress. It kind of look like what a couple would wear for a beach wedding. ;)
All of us woke up pretty early in order to reach the meeting venue on time, so most of us came with empty stomach. Thanks to Neoyacht and Orangeclove catering for preparing a spread for us! Considering you are out in the sea on a yacht, this is really a sumptuous spread. The main highlight of this yacht party is combining the idea of catering and yacht rental into one so you don’t have to worry about having to bring your own food or order pizzas before hand. Just board the yacht and enjoy the company of friends and food. Amongst the spread, these are my top three picks, fried tempura, baked rice and macaroons, yumzzz~
Apart from my top three, the fish was nominated delicious too but I’m not in favour of fish so it didn’t make it to my top three. >.<
We cruised about and first destination was a peaceful island , with a lot of greens and a perfect platform to take tumblr worthy photos.
All the girls, ready for some sun basking and cam whoring~
After uncountable amount of photos, it’s time to hit the waters! Here’s me insisting that Szes get into the waters with me!
My roomies for last year’s Boracay Trip, feels like yesterday.
Sorry Nicole for the unglam photo, but I think this pic is really funny! And you are adorbs~
Jolene and Junying are not so into waters, they prefer being on board so four of us are like live entertainment for them.
By the last stop, most of us are already worn out or experiencing some food coma. Nevertheless, it was a well-spent afternoon with the babes and the team from Neoyacht and Orangeclove. Big thank you for organizing and all the thoughtful preparations!

If you are interested in throwing a yacht party soon, here’s a piece of good news! For the period within 1st Sept – 30th Sept, Neo Yacht is offering a SPECIAL rate for my fellow readers/follwers.

For bookings on mon-thur: *$1499
For bookings on fri-sun: *1699
(18pax chartering)

This SPECIAL rate will only be valid if you quote (GUSHCLOUDXVALERIEWANG)

Well~ If you do not have the budget you can try use some luck to win a 18pax cruise party from Neo Yacht (lifestyle offering by Orange Clove).

Simply follow them at

Winner will be hand-picked by representatives from Orange Clove. 
Contest date: 1st Sept – 30th Sept 

Neo Yacht Contact Details: 6833 7958 
Orange Clove Catering Pte Ltd Contact Details: 6515 0991 
Contact Email: 

Best of Luck! ^^

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