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School's out for real, I doubt within another ten years time I would even consider taking Masters, maybe not at all in future. So this is really goodbye to school life. 
Here's my folks, which has been doubtful all the time in regards to what on earth is their daughter doing in an arts school. But at the same time, I'm thankful to them that despite being confuse of what I'm studying they supported my fees and allow me to stick to my passion. :)
Majoring in Arts is not as easy as the society sees it. Many associate Arts students as being less knowledgeable, less smart, good for nothing, bummer and the list goes on...
Even when you have made it to degree or masters, graduated like the rest of the University students, people still doubt your ability. I've received and heard so much comments regarding students majoring in arts, mostly negative. Some even said why waste your parents money to study arts but little do they knows how enjoyable studying had became when you choose the course you have passion in it. Like finger prints, no individual is the same, so why must everyone study business, law, medicine etc. in order to be considered successful? I feel regardless what course you pick be it business, architecture, fashion, tourism, medicine, science, theatre, engineer, sports, whatever it is, you will become successful if you work hard.
That said I would for the last time emphasise that being in an arts school is just like being in poly and university, you still have to pass your assessments, write thesis, give presentations, so to all narrow minded people who belittle arts students, I really do not want to be rude but really, SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Your negative comments ain't gonna make the world a better place.
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