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Good day ladies! Here for another skincare review. I often wonder why can’t there be a single product that does the job, why must there be so many different types of products and brands. After visiting two highly raved dermatology clinic in town and being blessed enough to be sponsored by a couple of very trustworthy skincare companies, I came out with the verdict that there will never be just one brand or just one product that works for everyone. On top of that, our skin is constantly changing due to hormonal change and aging. Finding the best combination of products that is best for skin requires a lot of patience and trials. There are so many different products in the market, you have to understand your skin condition and pick products that targets that issue. For me personally, dry and sensitive is the main issue, thus products that I have plans to use in a long-term basis have to be gentle. Another issue and the one I fear most is aging skin, though I understand that aging is inevitable and some people actually look better with age but still, the thought of it is extremely harrowing.
Aging of the skin is caused by several factors, it might be due to environmental stress or stress in daily life. It does not only happen to older women, it happens to young people as well. According to a survey by KOSÉ, the age that women first notice symptoms of aging is in their early twenties, which also means it is happening to me! KOSÉ INFINITY focuses on the aging issue, targeting problems like pore problems, sagging pores and blackheads.
I always make sure I try my products for at least a week before reviewing so whatever that is being reviewed here are solely based on my personal experience.  First up, the Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel, it is a gel thus it is not like liquid or oil, it takes a tad bit longer to spread across the face but it's very smooth and it is efficient in removing even my waterproof make up. Next, Pure Advance Clear Up Wash, this is probably considered the most important step for most people. The wash is finely textured and really gentle on my skin, no signs of tension or “squeaky” feeling after wash. 
(thumbs up for that!)
Cleansing is an important step so is the step that comes after; it maintains and keeps the skin hydrated. The Pure Advance Essence Lotion I is my favourite product in the whole range. 
It is a hydrating lotion that contains essence, which moisturizes skin with open pores caused by dryness and sebum, making them less visible.

It contains:
Okra extraxct(hydration)
Rose mulitflora fruit extract(sebum control)
Shell ginger leaf extract(removal of active oxygen)
Rosemary leaf water(antioxidant/hydration)
Rosemary extract(antioxidant/hydration)
Reason why it is my favourite of all is because I love how lightweight and refreshing it is. I love products that leave a refreshing feeling, and I’m not referring to the cooling sensation that some products that contain alcohol gives.
It is just pure refreshing! :D
After some freshness, it’s time for some firm and bouncy skin! The Pure Advance Serum I adjust the balance of sebum in skin that is prone to stickiness or shininess.
The Pure Advance Serum gives a slightly heavier finish than the Pure Advance essence Lotion I, however I cannot directly compare these two as they are made differently, one in gel type and another liquid lotion. But that’s the best I could describe to explain its texture.
I’ve mentioned in my previous skincare review, the importance of using a scrub and recommended body scrubs too! The amount of dead skin cells that falls off is insane, uncountable. It is essential to scrub off unwanted dead skin cells for the skin to stay radiant.
There are many different types of scrubs, to me what matters most is the size of the particles in a scrub. Some are larger, rougher and some smaller and more delicate. The Pure Advance Deep Clear Mask is compounded with both large and small particles (scrub & clay).  I have a really bad habit when it comes to scrub products, to me scrub means the harder the better, the cleaner it gets! Obviously it does not work that way but that is just my habit. I was really pleased with how gentle this product is, despite my habit of exerting a lot of force while using the scrub; it does not leave my face with red spots. I have a hard time deciding if this should be my favourite product of the range or the Pure Advance Essence Lotion I.
As of August, KOSÉ has a Trial kit available for purchase (while stocks last).  The Trial kit is perfect for those who are unsure if the products suit their skin or those who want to purchase them in travel size for travel purposes. Products come in trial size, except the Pure Advance Essence Lotion in regular size. You can visit the link here for more information about the Pure Advance Series.
IFT Pure Advance
At a very affordable price of $58, I would say it is definitely worth it! This is by far the best combination of products that that suit my current skin condition and I could purchase off the shelves without having to visit a dermatologist.

A Special Treat for you dear readers! @kosesg is giving YOU an exclusive 3pc skincare gift when you quote my name “valeriewang”, at Metro Paragon or Robinsons JEM KOSÉ (while stocks last!)

With that, I’ll leave you with a quote,

“Your face is marked with lines of life, put there by love and laughter, suffering and tears. It's beautiful.”

Aging is inevitable and harrowing to some but it can be beautiful too.
Let’s all age gracefully. ^^

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