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New loots from my recent Tokyo Trip and my latest make up addition, the New Hydra White 2-Way Foundation from SILKYGIRL.
I’m not a great fan of foundations and I usually only smack them on when I have shoots. Before SILKYGIRL, the most suitable foundation that I found and have been using is still not too ideal. It looks perfect when I have it on for the first two hours then it starts to become cakey and fine lines along my eyes, smile lines all starts surfacing. By the end of the day my face looks kind of uneven.
That said, the reason why I still use foundation is because it provides better coverage as compared to my daily loose powder. It smoothens my blemishes and skin surface. So having and not having my foundation on does make a difference, especially during photo shoots.
When I first received my SILKYGIRL Hydra White, I wasn’t expecting any difference as compared to other foundations I have tried because a lot of them turned out to be pretty much the same.
A little background info, SILKYGIRL’s Hydra White 2-Way Foundation has Triple Whitening Agents;Whitemaxyl, Glutathione &Arbutin and Double Hydrating Agents; Sodium Hyaluronate& Vitamin E. That’s quite a mouthful but all you need to know is it basically provides you coverage while promising to whiten and hydrate your skin! It also shields you from the sun with SPF 30/PA+++ and is fragrance free.
The SILKYGIRL Hydra White comes in four different tones.
01 Nude
02 Natural
03 Medium
04 Tan

In my opinion 01/03 has a slightly pinkish tone and for 02/04 a more yellowish tone. Since this foundation is specially formulated for Asian skin, that probably explains the slight yellowish tone. So for those of you with a yellowish undertone, who have haven’t been able to find a foundation that best suits your skin tone, maybe you could try this!
After trying the Hydra White 2-Way Foundation for a couple of days, I must say that it really surprises me. The first few hours of usage as usual, like other foundations provided very good coverage. I was expecting lines and cracks to surface on my first try but I did not notice any significant lines even at the end of the day. I was still pretty skeptical and I thought that maybe it was due to the rain that the weather was cooler thus the foundation stayed longer. I continued for a couple more days to come up with a verdict and I would say it is quite impressive! I guess this was due to the hydrating agents inside it!
With that, the Hydra White 2-Way Foundation certainly has earned itself a place in my make up routine.
The pretty pastel baby blue packaging is simply adorable, sponge is also provided and what I love about it is the mirror. A full sized mirror instead of a tiny one. Now I can see every part of my face without having to aim at a certain angle. :) 
This is by far the most long lasting foundation that I have used and indeed a pleasant surprise! 
Thank you SILKYGIRL! You could check out their Facebook (SILKYGIRL.Singapore) for more information and products. Hope you would enjoy the Hydra White 2-Way Foundation as much as I do. < 3
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