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I really cannot believe Christmas is gonna be here in less than 3 weeks! It’s madness how time jingles away! I thought I just celebrated Christmas a while ago~ Anyways, it’s the season of giving and season of joy! Many of us often ponder what to get for our family and loved ones. It can be quite a headache cracking your head every single year about presents. There may be even times when you really just do not know what to buy anymore. Well~ my suggestion is, if you can’t think of anything the person needs or rather the things that they want are way out of your budget, buy something practical, usable and sharable!
This Christmas, I am most happy to announce that I’m collaborating with Yves Rocher, the number one Beauty Care brand in France for a Christmas Special feature! Yves Rocher is a one-stop beauty destination. From skin care to body care, hair care and fine fragrances, they have got everything. Yves Rocher was born from the vision of one man who believed in plant-based beauty care and in the democracy of beauty for all women. And that said, I have to emphasize that I am most thrilled when I saw the pricings. Even with it being the number one brand in France, pricings are really affordable and I guess that lived up to the democracy of beauty.
I went down personally to Yves Rocher store to handpick a couple of products that I really like and of course would like to share about them.
This Cherry Bloom series is one of my favourites, as its scent is not overly sweet and is a little powder-ish. I myself am not a fan of overly sweet stuff when it comes to perfume. But I’m okay with sweetness for any other products. I’ve gotten this series as a gift pack that consists of a 200ml shower gel and a 100ml perfume at $32. Really recommend this scent if you are like me who prefers something a little powder-ish and musky instead of fruity.
Well here comes the CHRISTMAS SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION HOLIDAY COLLECTION. This series is seriously sweet! No kid!!! But as I’ve mentioned as long as it’s not a perfume, I’m totally fine with sweetness. I’ve chosen the Blackberries exfoliating shower gel, Redberries liquid hand soap and Redberries hand cream which smells great but cost only $12 each.
I’m actually quite in love with the liquid hand soap, every single time I walk into my bathroom, I just wanna give it a pump!
I understand that when it comes to fragrances, it is pretty subjective. Everyone has their own likings but let me just recommend one more product that I feel is worth trying. I didn’t pick this item to be honest. But I was told that this product is selling like hotcakes in stores and since it’s a star product, I thought maybe I should just give it a go~

I tried it the day after I’ve gotten it and immediately contacted the team from Yves Rocher and asked if they would allow me to play Santa this Christmas. I requested for 10 bottles to GIVE AWAY to you lovelies who have been supporting this space! I would hold the contest for this awesome product tomorrow on Instagram @valerie_wang  so be sure to keep a look out aite!!

This Rinsing Vinegar is a product that helps to repair and seal hair cuticles, leaving it super soft and smooth. Don’t worry though the name says vinegar, it does not smell anything like the vinegar we consume. It has a sweet raspberry scent, so powerful it lingers even till the next day. This is not a hair mask neither a conditioner. It is a rinse-off hair treatment to be used after you are done with shampoo and conditioner. Pour directly onto your hair, massage and leave on for a few minutes before you rinse-off. I promise, you will feel a difference! My hair became baby soft and I would say it is indeed a star product.

All right, I think I’ve said enough and there are so many more products available from Yves Rocher that it’ll be insane for me to introduce everything. Pop by yourself to check them out and enjoy 20% storewide from 1 – 31 Dec 2014!

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