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There's always been a debate in my head as to what defines a statement piece. To the general, statement piece simply means extravagant, loud, eye chatchy, the centre of attraction etc. But to me it is often the subtle, the silent, the mysterious that catches my attention. It is rather subjective though~
I am not one who wears fanciful clothes nor accessories, maybe just once in a blue moon. However, not being fanciful does not equate to not wearing them at all. I do have a few accessories that i will never leave home without. And I have recently found a few more worthy of joining the gang.
1. Kristen Lily
royal blue druzy pop ring in silver
2. Claire Aristides
lucky charm horse shoe bracelet in white gold
Totally in awe with the Claire Aristides horse shoe bracelet, it fits so perfectly. Look nothing but dainty.
Next up a little sun burst, this piece is considered much bigger to those tiny delicate pieces above but it is still kind of subtle in my opinion. The whole vibe of this necklace reminds me of the way Egyptians illustrates the sun.
3. House of Harlow
white mini sunburst pendant necklace

Well so basically these 3 accessories have made it to the gang and I must say that my favourite will have to be the horse shoe bracelet. It is said to bring good luck and why wouldn't anyone wear some luck?  
I would not have discovered these little gems if it was not for Just Tangy, really glad to have them before the year comes to an end. This delicate piece comes in other designs as well and I'm actually itching to get another. It could also be a very pretty gift for friends and family. 

And they say good things comes in a pair, (here) is something Just Tangy have thoughtfully put together for people who wishes to purchase gifts in a pair. If by now you are somewhat seduced by these pieces, the links are provided, you know where to go~

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