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Hello all! First blog advertorial of the year is here! I'm glad to announce that it is none other than FASHMOB! If you track back to 2014, I've collaborated several times with them and I'm always looking forward to receiving their pretty apparels.  ^^
I'm gonna kick start with my favourite in this post!
1. Runway knit in cream
comes in a total of four colours
I really want them all!
2. Sorority top

3. Fly High Top
Loose fit with an interesting cut
This is simply one of the basics you have to have in your wardrobe

I am still experiencing some post vacation syndrome, especially not being able to be close to the beach and of course the daily massage in Phuket. A good whole 2 weeks of that is apparently not enough for me, perhaps a month for the next vacay~ I couldn't thank FASHMOB enough for always supplying me their apparels on my vacations.

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