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Do you suffer from having too many similar pieces in your wardrobe but still not able to stop the crave? Well~ If you do, welcome to the club! I personally have so many of them that are way too similar, I bet some don't even realise it is not the same piece I'm wearing. I love basics and no doubt I won't stop till I drop. What I look for in a piece of basic is definitely comfort and I hunt for the tiniest detail that makes the piece interesting. 
As promised from last week, this is part II of The Tinsel Rack in Montigo. This pretty tank featured in this post is a summer must have. I call it the no strings attached top. 
Kept this in both black and white.
Tiny details like this does make a difference~

The Tinsel Rack will launch this design along with other gorgeous apparels tomorrow(wed, 11th) at 8pm! Check out previews on their Facebook and make sure you camp at the site to secure your pieces. I'm warning you, pieces like this might just go OOS in a couple of minutes. May the force be with you! :)

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