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Good Wednesday!Life's been good for me so far, how about yours? I'm currently preping for my upcoming Brand, didn't expect that there are so many things to consider and re-consider before being able to launch. I've got all products ready but kept telling myself it can be better, maybe that is why I'm still not able to launch. But patience won't hurt. Same goes for this post (excuse for procrastinating) :/
After almost 9 months, I finally got myself together to collate these visuals. Last year in june was my first time ever visiting Bali, I have heard about rumours saying non married couples should not visit Bali together or they might end up breaking up, I would like to think otherwise. In this trip I have experienced the worst and the best. It's a roller coastal trip but when I look back, although not everything is smooth sailing but it's definitely an experience I will always remember.
I took an evening flight and arrived in Bali at almost midnight, the worst thing that could ever happen on a holiday is running a fever! And bullseye, I got it! Nico and I stayed in a rather cheap hotel (The Loft) in Kuta area on the first night as we didn't want to waste the money just to sleep for a few hours. The hotel is clean and for 40 bucks a night, I would say it is worth the value. Downside is, it's quite small and there's not much space to move around and no facilities.
We woke up pretty early the next morning to move into another hotel (ize Seminyak) in Seminyak. When Nico and I travel, we don't usually stay in one spot for long, we like to be on the move~ I was very happy despite the fever when I got to Seminyak. This area is filled with cafes and boutique stores, much cleaner than Kuta in my opinion. We arrived at ize Seminyak a few hours before check in time but they quickly got the room (pool excess) ready and allowed me to check in early. This was such a relieve for someone who is running a high fever, else I would have no where to rest.
I'm quite particular about having a bath tub in my Hotel's toilet though I don't really use it. It just feels more HOLIDAY-ISH. This bathtub here has jacuzzi function!
Amenities are really sufficient and placed very neatly in the wardrobe.
The entire room was filed with natural light, simply love it! And I spent 3/4 of my time, later in the day sleeping on this comfy bed to rest my fever. I usually get better after popping panadols and sleeping definitely helps but this time round, my condition did not improve at all, my fever was still running at 38+ degrees! We went to the lobby and asked where is the nearest clinic, the staffs were very worried and asked if I would like them to call in a Doctor. I would have if the clinic was far away but it was just a few minutes from the Hotel and we have a motorbike as transport so we went there straight.
I requested for a jab instead of pills because I just want to recover as soon as possible! Up till this point I haven't even enjoyed or did anything much, except checking in and out. -__-
Well, I'm not sure if I made the right choice because I got jab in the ass!!! I thought I'm getting a jab on the arm. I've never gotten a jab in the ass except maybe when I was a baby, was totally freaking out!
Went for lunch at a nearby restaurant after that fateful jab~
I realise it is quite difficult to find food that is not "heaty", this is by far the best I could find. No porridge, no plain soup noodles. I could not find any herbal tea either, cooling water is my only saviour! I didn't do much the entire day except eat and sleep, i went back to that comfy bed in the Hotel right after lunch and dinner.
At times like this I really hate myself, I seldom fall sick on a holiday and having a fever just pisses me off!!!
Thank god I woke up the next morning feeling way better, still running a fever but well controlled by panadol. I was so happy when I went for the breakfast buffet provided by the hotel, not only that the food taste yummy but.... I found porridge, as though I found gold! Food in Bali generally taste good but healthy and plain stuff are hard to find.
Enjoying that bowl of "gold"!
Nico had the liberty to feast on whatever he liked, perks of not being sick.
portrait of a random cute boy in the restaurant that must have fallen pretty badly~
IMG_2388 copy
After Breakfast I went to the Hotel's rooftop to enjoy my last few hours in ize Seminyak. 
I didn't get to drink Mojito nor Bintang at the rooftop bar~
Neither did I get to soak in the rooftop pool~ All thanks to my fever.
But least I got to enjoy the beautiful view from the rooftop and my very awesome pool excess room.  I'm really thankful for the superb environment and comfy bed for me to rest in, I would say I have made full use of the room since 3/4 of my day was spent sleeping. Well so that was my first half of my Bali trip and once again, we checked out~ Nico and I moved on to the other parts of Bali for the next few days. Stay tune for part two and three that will be up next week! 
And a big fat THANK YOU TO IZE SEMINYAK for providing me with such a pleasant stay. < 3

Ize Seminyak
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