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Hola people! It's tuesday and I bet many of you are feeling the blues though it's not a Monday. Well~ here's something to share that might perk you up and maybe make your coming weekend an exciting one! 2 months back, about a week before Valentines day, Nico and I received an early Vday gift from Montigo Resorts Nongsa. Some of you might have heard of this place and those of you that have not, you will not believe that this crazy huge and beautiful resort is just less than an hour away from our Sunny O'island, Singapore. 
Nico and I woke up real early and took a ferry from Tanah Merah ferry Terminal to Batam, we arrived just slightly after 9am. We arranged for an early check in and late check out to maximize the 2d1n stay. When we arrived at the ferry terminal at Batam, the manager came to pick us personally, he is such a cheerful person. :) 
The resort is just 10 minutes away from the ferry terminal, we got there really quickly. The staff were vert thoughtful, when they came to know that we haven't had breakfast as we set off from home pretty early and invited us to breakfast even though it has passed the breakfast time. 
We proceed to checking our room out after breakfast, the resort is so huge you won't really wanna go anywhere by foot. A buggy is always at your service.
I didn't quite have any visuals for the rooms because there were far better ones available on Montigo's website. And most of the time was spent on the roof terrace! I'm so in love with it, abundance natural light, decorated with all white cushions. It almost looks like heaven~~
I'm never one who stops working, what do you do at such a beautiful place? SHOOT! The shoot lasted about 4hrs and poor Nico have to do the job. I must say he have improved tremendously and built a report with my camera :D
We tried to wait for dinner time to come but couldn't resist the hunger and ordered some club sandwiches while soaking up in the private pool in out Villa.
We were so lucky to have a big space facing the sea with a splendid night view. We dined at PanTai restaurant which serves chinese food. It was  whooping 8 course meal which caused Nico and I a food coma right after dinner! We didn't even get to enjoy the wii in the Villa because we slept so well the moment we returned to the Villa. Apologies for the absence of the food we had because it was a really romantic ambience with low light and my camera didn't do a good job capturing the quality of the food.
The view we had which this picture does not do justice~
Despite having rest for more than 8 hours, Nico and I still had a hard time crawling out of bed which also means that the bed is comfy enough for us! We woke up and decided to have breakfast in our Villa instead of the restaurant. Food came really quickly, about 20 minutes after ordering.
Breakfast was served really neatly and they are not stingy with sauce and garnishes!
We gobbled down our Breakfast as we were slightly behind time for our upcoming activities. 
Manage to snap a pic at our front porch in the Villa before the buggy arrives to pick us to the lobby. 
The Montigo management arranged a trip for us around the village in a vintage volkswagen! It is such a pretty car!
We went for a ride for about 1 and a half hours, visited the Kampong, jetty and beach. 
We came back in the noon and decided to skip lunch and indulge in their massage services before we go.
The massage experience was so fresh in my mind, I couldn't help but want to be back again for their massage. We had a couple hut by the sea with a private toilet that allows you to shower after massage.
The ending part is the most exciting! We finished our massage and took our time relaxing in their lounge with a little library. Totally forgetting about the time and our ferry to catch. When we checked out, we were left with less than 10 minutes to reach the ferry terminal. The staff were very worried for us, did a super quick check out and they zoomed us to the terminal in less than 5 minutes!! It was crazy! But we were so grateful that the staffs was so willing to help us, I mean they could have just paced normally and we would have missed our ferry. And that would be entirely our fault because we didn't managed our time properly.
It was a short but sweet getaway for both Nico and I! 
BIG Thank you to the team in Montigo that made this happened. If you would like to have your very own little getaway, all information is provided in the links below. Hope you have an exciting week ahead! < 3

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