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The vintage girls from Natuskashe! It is really rare these days for any online stores to stick to a specific style that is so niche. Knowing that this might not be a big hit to the majority audiences, Natsukashe puts faith into what they really love instead of steering to the norm, really admirable to me. 

I remember clearly the day I met the team for this shoot, the lady boss was dressed in monochrome, very classy vintage style that look was so awesome on her! I am not one who fancy vintage but she wore it with such class and style, I began to have a different view towards vintage. These are a few looks Natsukashe dolled me in and not forgetting that classy hair bun they got the MUA to do it for me, I love it! 

It was such a great shoot with the team along with the beautiful Eunice Anabel. I really look up to people who has a mind of their own, this store is definitely one.
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