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D :  Do you like guys with KANG KONG (in a very serious mode)
V : Stares hard at D (thinks really hard what can kangkong mean other than vegetables)
D : Stares back confidently waiting for V to answer
D : I mean... Do you like guys with ANG KONG!
V : ahhahahahhahahahahaha (laughed so hard she almost puked the food she had a while ago)
D : ahaahahahahhhahahahah!!

kang kong = a kind of vegetable (in hokkien)
ang kong = tattoo (in hokkien)

No words could describe how hard we laughed! For a whole 1-2minute, we laughed at the top of our lungs till we are out of breadth and out of sound. I haven't had such a crazy laugh for a long time!

It was uncertain how D A N G would work out and for us to actually be on a trip together in less than 2 months of discussion/preparation is pretty insane. But all these uncertainties are put to rest at the moment we started our journey. It was fun filled and hilarious most of the time! 
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