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I was looking through the photos I've taken during the recent Sydney trip, a lot of them are just snippets of what D and I do offline and while we are not shooting but experiencing life and doing the usual stuff that people do. Except we do it with extra FUN! 

I realise that most of the time when work gets involve I became too focus on the quality and placement of pictures. Thus along the way I lost ability of capture the essence of experiencing life.

 When I decided to collate the random shots that I have in my iPhone, Fuji Camera and some shots by D into a collage. I felt that some of the random shots portray a whole different perspective even though the quality, in terms of pixels and resolution is not that great. I guess that's why sometimes in life, things does not have to be perfect.

 Well~ This pretty much summarised DANG'S entire trip in Sydney! It was a hell lot of fun! And we function pretty well together I must say. We are wrecking our brains for a few more upcoming trips!
Stay with us aite!!! 

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