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Physical Eternity is unattainable at the moment but I always have faith in the medical and science world. I believe with technology physical eternity will one day be attainable. The word Eternity and immortality has always been circulating in my head especially when it comes to art. 

My art works often revolve around these issues. Well~ today's entry is not about science but a form of art.
The art of preserving. 
I use to dislike flowers when I was much younger. I didn't understand why. When I grew up, I realise it's not the flowers I dislike,  it is the dying and whithering that I dislike. A flower alone can mean so much, but an undying one is magical, mysterious even poisonous.
Eternity is a necklace with a strong message to your loved ones. 
Handcrafted by the creators of JXKL, encapsulating frozen flower in a bullet, Eternity represents a everlasting love that will never wither.
Frozen flowers are real flowers that underwent the latest frosting technology to retain its natural and exquisite form. This technique is similar to Cryonics, a scientific method that is use to preserve the human body at the state when a person passed. 
Pardon me for all the scientific term and talks about eternity. I am genuinely interested in these topics and have read a lot while I was writing my thesis back in school. I was really fascinated by how JXKL manage to preserve these flowers so beautifully. They are simply gorgeous, even if I don't wear them, I might just just put them up as part of my room decor.
There are more variety of colour selections at their site. Click on the links below to get to their beautiful encapsulated flowers. If you are purchasing a necklace, remember to key in code, "VALERIE" to get a 10% off the bill.
valid till 31st july 2015.
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