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It was about 3 years ago that I became aware, more sensitive about skin health and the importance to protection it against the sun. Daily skin care products play an important role in keeping our skin healthy  and aid in improving skin troubles. 

I  understand that there are some skin problems (pigmentation, wrinkles etc) that we will not be able to fully avoid with age to come. However, we can definitely slow down the process with proper care and products. I am not a skin expert nor beauty guru but what I can advise is NEVER EVER LEAVE home without sunscreen on!

Apart from that,  consuming Vitamin C is also a great way to keep your skin healthy and give it an extra glow! 

Here's a list of what I use/consume on a daily basis to keep my skin healthy!

T1 toner (IDS clinic)
C+ Serum (IDS clinic)
Parsley Seed Hydrator (Aesop)
UM ultra moisturizer (IDS clinic)
S2+ S1 Sunscreen (IDS clinic)
Sleeping Mask(Laneige)
Lyco-white (IDS clinic)
Vitamin C (GNC)
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