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This year has been a year of opportunities for me, I’m really blessed to be able to work for something I love, meet new people, learn new things and experience life in such great ways!

If you have been catching up with me on Instagram, you would know that I was in Seoul just a couple weeks back. Most of you probably don’t know exactly why I was there; it was a rather short trip to begin with!

Innisfree and I have been working together for a campaign on their new Jeju Sparkling Mineral Line products and I was given the opportunity to travel to Seoul to attend their annual PLAYGREEN FESTIVAL.

For those who are not familiar with the brand, Innisfree is a skincare & beauty brand inspired by the natural ingredients from Jeju Island, Korea. They believe in all things natural and pursue eco-friendly practices from their product packaging to empty bottle recycling program.

During the trip, I get to join in the fun and experience life with the consciousness of being eco-friendly! It was a back-to-back, non-stop activity throughout the whole journey! 

The festival took place at Yongsan Family Park where eco-friendly activities await their fellow brand lovers! It’s a pretty huge park and I remember clearly how awesome the weather was. It was sunny yet cooling, best combination in my opinion.

Throughout the day there were two very lovely interpreters, constantly making sure that everything was smooth sailing. The crowd that turned up was massive! Honestly, I was overwhelmed!!! They were all very enthusiastic with the activities even the males!

Lee Min Ho, the ambassador of Innisfree was there as well! It was my first time seeing a celebrity in real life and witnessing how crazy the fans were! He sure does look fine and I can’t help but adore the pale grey suit that he was wearing.

Above is a visual compilation of my trip to Seoul with Innisfree! Thank you for such a wonderful experience!
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