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Hey peeps, I'm here to provide some updates of what's going on and coming up for myself and my store. 

October has been great so far, I've finally gotten a studio of my own, a little space but good enough to get things going. As much as I want to launch my store right away there are still things that I am not satisfied with. I am not one who could make do with problems I know exist, I will try till my death to get it right. I sincerely apologize for the long wait but please stick around, just a little more to go!

November will definitely be a very tiring month for me! I am aiming to launch @storeunda in this month, hopefully everything goes well! And I'll have to get all things prepared before I go on another big trip!

December is gonna be hell lot of fun and adventure for me! I'm tying up with a online store for another exclusive shoot! My team and I have been spending the past one month planning the route, locations and visual directions. We have a lot more to plan, it ain't east but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be good!!! I will reveal the webstore that I am working with when the time is right.

Yup and that's pretty much it! Have a good day!

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