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A few months back, through a friend, I had the opportunity to visit and shoot at a beautiful place owned by an artist that has an obsession over anything botanical. Her yard was filled with greens and was composite in such a balance way, sizes, shades and variety. It is a garden that you would fall in love at first sight. With abundance of sunlight coming through the garden and house, it creates an ambience with such positive vibes, to me it is almost like a shelter or a safe house away from the world.
A person with a passion and has the courage to follow their guts are people whom I admire and respect. When my shoot was over, I stayed on and chatted the entire noon away with Lucinda and her partner. It was such rare opportunity to meet someone like her, there was so much common topics and it was nothing but a pleasure to be able to converse and share our thoughts that freely.
Lucinda is a lady that exudes so much passion and positivity, I'm pretty sure people who have seen or met her would have agreed. Watching her paint by the window is such a beautiful sight and simply nostalgic. It reminds me of the days where I would spend all my time in my studio in school, meticulously completing my drawings. I can't help but feel a kind of sadness that I do not have the discipline to continue practicing art like I thought I would.
Sometimes in life when you take a different route, you would discover joy in other ways. You might doubt your decisions and even regret at times but ultimately when you make a call, stick through it no matter how tough it may be. I always believe in perseverance.
Lucinda is definitely one of those who persevered and got to where she is today. She started, a creative consultancy and nature-inspired arts education company to share her knowledge on botanical-inspired topics. You can check out to see her latest watercolour art journey and collaborations- here you can also find out about her botanical watercolour illustration workshops and upcoming creativity retreats at beautiful locations!

Personally, I feel that it is always good to pick up something new or cultivate a passion, it adds quality to our sometimes mundane life.

For those who are interested or like to know more about Lu's workshops, I have attached the link (here)
Big thanks to Lucinda for allowing me to rummage through every corner of the apartment and even sit on her kitchen table for a shot! Oh and if you're a fan of botanical visuals, be sure to follow
Photography: @marisse_caine
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