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Sunday Updates! This week has been real hectic! I was juggling between meeting clients, shooting, also my new studio that is currently under renovation and busy working on a new project for @storeunda which will probably be ready only later this year.

The new project will involve more manpower and people who have that set of skills, as it requires more knowledge and experience, beyond my ability to do so. It is more than sewing totes and crafting leather.  So earlier this week, I made a really impromptu work trip to see and learn what's possible to venture into and have a better understanding of the feasibility to my plans. There's so much more to learn and I hope I'll be able to pick it up fast enough! I am really excited that the plans that I have made for my brand since I have graduated 2 years ago is slowly coming through. I shall reveal more in time to come! Lovely Sunday everyone  :)

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