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Iceland oh Iceland~
It has been at the top of my travel list and I can't believe it has been crossed out already. 

The vast landscapes and quietness is nothing but magnificent. Strangely this vastness comes with loneliness. For some reason, there's always a very heavy feeling while I was in Iceland. I'm not sure if it's the clouds or the rain or perhaps being brought up in a city with that much population could not withstand solitary. The houses are mostly spread out (except the bigger towns) some stand alone with no neighbours. The Icelanders that I have encountered are very cool, quiet and weird at the same time. They aren't hostile but not your typical cheerful kind. The cold wind did not help to brighten the spirit, it's unexplainable why Iceland still remains my dream place.

I feel extremely detached from the world, from everything I know. I guess maybe I like that feeling of being somewhere where no one knows me and I can truly be myself. It's nice to be that way sometimes, slow down your pace, forget about everything and just feel life. Because sometimes the pressure from society and the environment that we work in, can wreck you so much you wanna give up. Through moments like these it is where you can truly be at peace and sort out what matters most in your life and what does not. Least for me. 

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