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It's almost the end of Sunday, it's kind of a relief to me that Monday is coming because then I'll get back on track with work. I get scared more than excited when the weekend comes because knowing another week had passed and being unsure if I had done enough, often I question myself if the week could have been more productive. Sad to say, most of the time the answer is no, there is a lot that I know that I could improve on especially with time management. I'm nocturnal and it's something that I've been wanting to change for the longest time but it seems pretty hard (though nothing is impossible) because no matter how I tire myself or try to go to bed early, I end up still being wide awake at 5am in the morning. My brain seems to function at it's peak between 12am-5am. It is when I do most of my work like editing, planning outfits for shoot and brainstorming how I could make @storeunda better before the launch.

I do not think that I'm wasting my time away being nocturnal as I'm able to complete my work on time. However, due to my odd sleeping hours, I'd wake up at 1/2pm daily and trust me, I really wish I could just survive with 4hrs of sleep. It could have been better if my working hours starts from perhaps 10am-5am. That would have been perfect! A lot more could have been accomplished, way more than just completing what I have on hand. 

I've been thinking lately of taking up something new like Judo or Kendo, something that requires commitment and could take my mind off work. I'm happy with taking the risk to start a business but all these seems a little overwhelming sometimes and that I cannot not think about @storeunda for a second. Even when I'm out eating, meeting friends or even catching a movie. I find myself wanting to get back to work all the time!

If I'm not on my laptop replying mails or doing things for @storeunda, I feel that time is wasted but this feeling of wanting to work all the time is a quite obsessive and unhealthy in my opinion.
Perhaps that is why I had the urge to pick up and learn something new that has nothing to do with my work. I wonder if any of you face the same situation of wanting to work more but at the same time feel that it's not very healthy to work all the time. Conflicting thoughts I'd say! 

I hope this week will be a better balance of work and leisure for all and hopefully to all nocturnal buddies, a less nocturnal week!  Enjoy the last bit of weekend y'all! 
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*ps. Those who are interested in the Monica Vinader bracelet that I wore above, I'll be sharing a link tomorrow, where you can win one for yourself! So keep a lookout on my IG @valerie_wang
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