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Eyes is the window to the soul. Indeed and brows is the door to your face? (I just randomly came up with this) I feel both are equally important and none should be compromised. I've been using a lash serum for over 3 months and oh boy, the results are just amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzing! I've have not changed the brand of the mascara that I've been using for the past 5 years. And yet I do not received questions about which mascara I'm using until lately. 

People that saw my lashes were interested and thought that it's the credit of my mascara(partially maybe) but what really made that difference is actually the lash serum! I didn't quite realise how much my lashes grew because I look at myself everyday while doing make up and was not able to see the difference. It was only when I started receiving comments and was further affirmed when I placed the photo of my lashes 3 months ago with the same mascara beside a photo of my current lashes with the same mascara (above).

I've noticed that lesser lashes fall out too and it made layering of mascara so easy! That said, it requires commitment and discipline to make sure you apply the serum every night before sleep. 
Personally, I think that it is already a hassle to go through that whole skincare routine, with just one extra step can be a total dread! But hey, just think of those pretty lashes, it'll be worth it! ;)

Done with lashes, let's move on to those brows. I'm EXTREMELY particular with my brows, out of my whole make up routine, I'll spent the longest time on my brows to make sure it's as symmetrical as possible! I've had brows embroidery since I was 19, that makes it 6 six years, now you know my age. :D The last embroidery I did was a year ago which I'm suppose to go back for a touch up session within a month after the first round. But I just could not set aside the time. Reason being, embroideries looks  darker than it should when it's fresh and will start peeling of slowly, revealing the actual colour. This whole process will take a week or so and while peeling it may look a little uneven as the rate and position of peeling might or should I say most of the time differs. 

That is something you have to endure with brow embroideries, of course the results would save you a lot of time and also getting your brows to look even on both sides will be a swift. Some do not even need to draw their brows anymore! As for me, I prefer a more intense and strong look so I would still shape it a little with brow pencil.

Although my embroidery has faded a little but I would say it's the best I had so far! It fades so evenly unlike my previous which left harsh lines behind. (you may refer to the picture process above) And that also explains why I had to undergo 3 rounds of laser session to lighten my previous embroidery. Laser is a dreadful process, it depends on how dark the marks that you are trying to get rid of, some people just need 1 session some need a little more perhaps 6? And the thing about it is, you can't finish all sessions at one time, there has to be a month interval in between.

Your brows may look uneven, barren and turn white too! When I heard of that, I was freaking out and  almost wanted to give up getting it embroidered again. What made me convinced myself and paid to go through those laser sessions is non other than Miss Co Co from Browtisan! When she drew up my brows for the first time, over my pretty screwed faded/partly harsh embroidery, I was instantly sold!

There is no way I'm not getting those perfect brows! Right now, I need to get my ass back to Browtisan and schedule a touch up session! (to do list before the year ends!)
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