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Are you a watch person? If not you should really consider converting to one with Michael Kors Access Hybrid smartwatch. Though it looks just like any other watch, I assure you it does much more than what you think it does. A watch to me does not only keep track of time but I feel it also reflects one's personality. The choice of style, size and colour shows individual likings and preferences. 

As I wear my watch almost all the time, I am very particular with the style, it has to be something versatile and be able to match with my daily outfits. When I first got the Micheal kors Access Hybrid watch, I was drawn to it's full black appearance, it gives off a strong and masculine look which is what I prefer for all my watches. 

But of course that is just part of it, I was more amazed by what you could do with the watch.
There is an application(MK ACCESS) that you could download onto your phone that enables you to programme and sync your phone to the watch. Once synced, you are able to preset the available functions. I'll briefly list some below.

-Track steps, distance & calories
-Automatic update of time and date when changing time zones
- Set an alarm
- Control music on your phone with the watch
- Message & Call alert on watch (vibration)

These functions are able to aid in many situations when you are not able to hold your phone by your side, e.g. while in a meeting, when your hands are full etc.

What I like most about amongst it's functions is definitely the call/message alert because my phone is kind of huge and sometimes I don't like to hold it. Often I'm not able to feel the vibration while walking if the phone is in my bag and I do not like switching on the sound mode so this is a function that I could really use.  ;)

Valentines day is around the corner, this can be something to consider as a gift! 
*Available at Michael Kors boutiques, authorised dealers &selected department stores.

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