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I don't really have a story to compose in this post so let's just do some quick pointers.

-Paid a visit to Gardens by the Bay recently, it's been 3 years since the last visit, it's still as pretty! I wish there will be more of such places in +65!!!
 -February is my favourite month of the year! It is my birthday month, also it's the shortest month of the entire year and so, somehow it just makes it more precious.
-How do you re-wear something and make it seem like it's a new outfit every time? I think it's not that difficult, you'll just have to layer it and change up the accessories to create a different vibe. ;)
-I'll be going on a short work trip in a week's time, which happens to be my granddad's homeland.

That's all folks! Let's bid the weekend goodbye and have a fresh week ahead! < 3
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