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It's been a crazy week, so crazy I cannot even believe it. No amount of mental preparation would be valid for this situation, it came like a hurricane and we were caught off guard. My family lost our dearest mama, she's a brave soul that puts her mind and heart to fight cancer for the past 8 years. She held up so well we never thought she would be gone this soon. 

It is just too strange to not have mama around, sometimes I hear her voice in my head and every corner of the house reminds me of her. Getting back to work is the toughest thing, my mind is floating all the time. I feel like it is not right for me to live normally and an immense sense of guilt cave in whenever I laugh or smile. Sometimes when my thoughts begin to cloud, my chest becomes so heavy, I literally experience difficulty in breathing. 

They say time heals all wounds, I hope so.
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