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Hello Hello~ It's been a while since I've updated the space. Here's a post to introduce Laneige's new silk intense lipsticks! It comes in a whopping 35 shades (full series only available in Singapore), packed with lots of moisture and as the name suggest, expect silky and intense colours!

I was really lucky to be able to be at Taiwan for their official launch and even got to see Song Hye Kyo in person!!! It was a short 3 days trip with Laneige but definitely not short of any fun! I have also put together some random footages of the trip at the bottom of this post! But before that I've picked out 3 of the craziest colours from the pack which I feel is really unique.
First up, the crazy yellow! Well, this colour's purpose is to create a warmer tone to whichever colour that you are using. But of course if you would like to wear it on it's own,  it's all good!
Next, the coolest gray, this colour is also a mixer colour just like the yellow. When layer onto any colour, it helps to create a cooler and darker tone. Personally I think it's pretty cool to wear it as it is.
Last but not least, the loud pink! This is not something I would wear on a daily basis however if you are in a plain outfit, it's a nice colour to immediately spice up the look!

Till date I still did not manage to use all 35 shades but below are a few of my favourites and most frequently used colours.

(left to right)
NO. 401
NO. 450
NO. 480
NO. 235
NO. 320
NO. 360
NO. 380

I don't really make videos but here's my 3 days in Taipei with Laneige, a video which I did up a while ago but did not share. Do give me thumbs up if you'd like to see more videos in future! <3 p="">
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