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its been a while i visited essensuals bugis for proper hair care~ 
so finally i took the time out to pamper my hair a bit
At this point i was already done with colour and treatment waiting for szes to be done. I touch up my ends, why ends? why not roots? my ends were kept since my "bob" days and i bleached my bob when i first had it thus when my colour fades it fades at the roots. I went with the darkest shade of brown, as compared to my previous jetblack hair (which i love a lot) this has a softer touch. Reason why i decided not to have it jetblack again is because my hair looks a little too harsh in photoshoots.
miss szes finally quit her crazy OT job and we too finally had time for a day out :)
my curls no longer exist, i usually bun it when i'm doing my make up and let it down when i leave house to have a bit of wave but am planning to re-perm some time at the end of the year.
My hair had certainly grown long and by far the longest i had in my entire life!
PicMonsfdv abllage
despite the perms that i insisted on, had "fried" my hair and made it quite impossible to comb through, every single time i visit essensuals, they made it possible and more manageble :)
Essensuals is now having a promo for hair treatment!

Also remember to quote my name, "VALERIE" to enjoy 10% off your total bill  ^^

pamper for the face!
I've never done facial in my entire life, just did some basic care at home.
This is the first time i tried and, idk how to describe but it certainly feels good to have someone massaging your face, it is a very different feeling from a normal face wash!
very very attractive packagingsIMG_4407
preparing to remove make up
(i'm wearing a tube not naked*)
first step: exfoliation
that is quite a bit of the dead skin!!
After taking the picture below, (when the lady is giving some face collagen massage), i kind of fell asleep for a bit, it really feelssssssss damn goooood 
AND THEN ........ INTRODUCING THE SKINC REVOLUTIONARY LED LIGHT THERAPHY TREATMENT! Looks scary but i actually can't see what's happening during treatment and fret not it does not hurt at all.
There's two kinds of LED light treatment to choose from, the red/blue light.
I was recommended the red light after my skin was being analysed, here are the benefits of red 

RED: energizes the skin cells to produce collagen and elastin
plump up the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles
promotes radiance
lightens age spots
reduce size of skin pores
reduce dark circles andpuffiness
firms and smoothens skin

if you are wondering then what is the blue treatment for?!
you can click here to find out more about this treatment 
and other benefits of both red/blue LED light treatment ;)
After the whole process the lady showed and explained to me what was being used on my face for the whole process. Such pretty bottles, everything at skinc is just so pretty! My skin did feel more moisturized and softer after the LED light treatment but this is not some mystical wonder! Beauty comes with a price, it does not happen just after one treatment. Same goes to your daily facial care, u don't just put on your toner/moisturizer for once and expect a 360 degree change! 
so yup that's my skinc experience :)
after facial, time for some drinks and chat!
It was a day well spent! More to come i hope ^^
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