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Recently i got the chance to once again shoot with szes after 5 years!!! I don't quite know how to feel, it was a mixed of feelings, i felt excited, happy, awkward, surreal and very very surreal~~~~
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When i first started modeling, szes is also the first person i have ever modeled with. I use to work in a retail shop at haji lane, selling clothes and drinks. I remembered very clearly szes was shooting with modp right outside the shop i worked in, they walked in to get some drinks and after they left, the boss came back and ask if i'm interested to try modeling. I was really doubtful of myself being able to or not to take up this job but i went ahead~ And that is where i started modeling :)
YES! I had very short hair and freaking thick eyeliner, i'm still really a fan of short hair girls but i don't think in anytime soon am i gonna chop of my hair, maybe in the future
Oh! And my braces! I love flaunting my braces when i had them on, because i know that it will only last a period of my life and i want to remember that i've gone through a lot of pain for this set of teeth i now have :/
CIMG0718 copy
we even went on a magazine together!!!
This is the poster in the magazine (CATALOG) if any remembers

and um.. 
yah... i was once a boy and very tan, use to go tanning every week but i couldn't achieve that perfect bronze look so...i turned fair and fairer and fairer......
that's about it if anyone wondered how i started modeling ;)
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