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To those following me on my instagram@valerie_wang, here is, as promised the video of my work :)
( use earpiece/headsets for better sound effect*)

2 weeks ago, before this was even possible, i was in a panic because i couldn't figure out how to make a video for my work, i could have make do without it but i don't usually compromise for the easy way out when it comes to my artworks
i tried my luck by asking this big guy here, kenneth (whom is my sec sch senior, whom also graduated from lasalle) to help me out with a video, he's a videographer anyway ;)
It was such a last min notice and he agreed to help right away, heartfelt thanks!!
filiming process...
and... there was pretty much nothing i could do to help, eye power perhaps?!?!
IMG_5080Thank you so much once again for doing me this favour :)
If anyone is interested in awesome video works (by kenneth of course) or engaging a videographer, you can click here and enjoy!
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