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It is a beauty MUST HAVE for most of us when it comes to make up especially putting on false lashes or applying mascara! Accentuating our eyes are probably one of the main reason why people have make up on. As it is, in my opinion the most prominent features on a person's face.
I'm not one who puts on fake lashes, not even for photoshoots as my eyes tend to tear like mad if i try having them on thus to make my eyelashes more visible, i often pile on 2-3 different types of mascara with many many layers! And that also means TROUBLE when it comes to removing it. I do not have the patience to slowly remove my make up gently, often do it within a minute! And in order to remove those thick layers of mascara fast, i have to be pretty rough with my lashes. Every night when i have successfully removed my eye make up, i would have 2-3 lashes coming out and sometimes i wonder, what if one day it all came off?!?!?! 
Non other than Foltene eyelash and eyebrow treatment!
Upon receiving this little mascara like tube, i started using it right away!
Foltene eyelash and eyebrow treatment is specially formulated for thin and fragile eyelashes and sparse eyebrows, this exclusive formula is based on Tricalgoxyl, active ingredient against hair loss, efectively promotes the growth of lashes, strengthens and improves the general appearance.
The two pictures above are image of my lashes and brows before usage. I must say i'm pretty blessed to be born with lashes longer than most asians but sadly my brows are as sparse as it can be :(
It comes in a mascara like tube, in fact exactly like a mascara, you just have to brush through your eyelashes and brows too! Once in the day before make up and once in the night after removing make up and cleansing your face.
And then the results! This is the results of approx one month+ of daily application. I must say it did a really good job in terms of strengthening and thickening, i now seldom get lashes falling off every night. Length wise, not so visible. What about brows? It did grow longer and faster but in my case it didn't yet solve the sparseness problem. ( Case varies on different users)
For easier comparison, i made a collage (below)
PicMonkey Collage
It takes about 5-6 months before this little bottle of magic reach its peak results so, this is only my first month, i'm looking forward to reaching the peak and hopefully my sparse brows improves :)
Here's two image of the eyelashes with mascara on~
just a tad more info about this product for you,
other than 1. strengthening which i mention earlier, it also
2. Nourishes,  with glycosaminoglycans, it deeply nourish the eyelash, 
restoring their natural elasticity and shine.
last but not least, 3. hydrates and protects, with hamamelis virginiana, active vegetable origin that soothes irritation and hydrates the eyelashes preparing them to receive make up!
IMG_5149 copy
okay.... so...after trying to analyse all the "wow" names of ingredients in foltene eyelash and eyebrows treatment, which most of us don't even know what it is :/  ITS OKAY!!!
In layman's term,  is it gives you healthier lashes!!!!
 Enough said. Here is where you can get this little tube of wonder!
Available at all SASA, Robinsons, BHG and What He Wants outlets at a super affordable price of $38.
I've been using mine for more than a month and am still using it so i guess a tube could probably last up till 2 months. So in a month, you only spend $19 for healthier lashes, quite a good deal ;)
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